How To Get Your Home Ready for Summer

As the warm weather approaches and we head into May, it seems that things begin to brighten up around the home. I like to open my windows and get some fresh air and let all the winter germs out. And I start to"re-decorate" the house.  Living in the hot south-we sort of skip over spring and head right into the hot weather. I like to get my house ready for the summer season.
You can too with these simple tips-remember use what you have and keep it simple. Of course if you want to go shopping for new linens or whatever-by all mens go for it! I do purchase a few things but usually I stick with what I have around my home. In the picture above, I cut some palm fronds and placed on the desk to give it a tropical look. Favorite beach books are stored in a vintage basket and of course the vintage fans come out of hiding for the hot summer months. "Un-decorate" so you can  decorate for the summer. Put things away and pull things out of the closet to give your home a bright and relaxing summer style.

TIP #1

Change out your pillows. Use light colors and pull out those beach pillows that have been hiding in your closet all winter. I put away the heavy fabric pillows like sweater material, wool and velvet. Lighten it up with lighter fabrics like cotton, sail cloth, or even linen.

TIP #2

Put out a bowl of fresh fruit. Colorful and healthy and kind of tropical!

TIP #3

Shells in a basket or bowl.We have so many shells from lots of vacations. We put them in a basket on a desk and remember all the places we  have visited over past summers.

TIP #4

Palm trees scream summer vacation and let's go on a trip to the islands! Anyone with me?

TIP #5

Change out your pictures. This is a picture of our girls at the beach several years ago. It's a favorite of mine. Reframe pictures to give your home a new look and it's free. No purchase necessary!

TIP #6

White linens. I love the look of white linens. I take off the heavy bed spreads and quilts and replace with white coverlets and duvets. I use white and light colored sheets on all of our beds. No more flannel sheets-not that we use them here in the south!

TIP #7

Clean off those porches. Our porches are getting a fresh coat of stain but not every porch needs this type of work. Just hose it down, clean the furniture, wash the cushions and wham-a fresh clean porch for relaxing. I pulled out some favorite summer magazines and placed beside this chair for inviting reading for guests. We love our back porch because it's screened and there are ceiling fans. We can cozy up out there for hours sipping on lemonade and reading.

I can see you wheels turning as you explore summer ideas for your home. I hope these simple tips will get you started on the right track. Have fun and keep it simple!

Share your ideas with me in the comments. I would love to hear how you get your home ready for the summer.

Simple Home Decorating "Southern Style"