Breathe!! The clean air all around you is coming from the plants in your home. What? You don't have any plants in your home because you might kill them. Never fear-there are so many plants to choose from that God even made some that won't die due to your lack of a green thumb. Plants bring a home to life!

Not only do they provide fresh oxygen to breathe but they can be a part of your home decorating.  I love to bring nature into my home as an inexpensive way to decorate. We live in the low country and palm tress are everywhere especially in our neighborhood. I usually cut some small palm fronds and place them in a jar filled with water to give our home a coastal natural feel.

There are so many possibilities to decorate with plants around your home. Just go outside cut some branches and put in a beautiful jar on your table-easy decorating and very "southern". Large antebellum homes are known for their lush gardens and green lawns and natural elements sprinkled through the house. So, that's what I have done here-I have sprinkled plants all throughout our home.

Plants in a foyer are so inviting to guests.

Plants can be paired with a decorative plate and placed on a painted piece of furniture. This is a succulent plant-doesn't need a lot of care. It requires water once a month.

Herbs in the kitchen window are decorative and easy to grab for cooking.

Do you have an old tin bucket or feeding tray you want to use in your home? Put a plant in it and it fills a space perfectly.

Fresh flowers sing my love song!! Nothing says happy like fresh cut flowers. These beauties came from our garden.

Dried flowers are classic. Use mason jars, pretty drinking glasses, bowls, vases and tea cups to display your flowers.

Open up your windows, let in some fresh spring air, cut some flowers and greenery from your yard and "decorate"!!!

Simple Home Decorating "Southern Style"