How To Choose a Color Palette for Your Home

Choosing colors for a room in your home can be challenging. It's really about you and what you like. What colors are you drawn too? Do you want a warm and cozy room? Do you want a room that screams fun? Do you want quiet and serene? These are questions you should ask yourself when choosing a color for your home.

I love to take pictures. I see a picture in almost everything especially when I'm outside in nature. I see color palettes all around me designed specifically by God and they are quite beautiful. I mean He is the Author-Creator and Color Coordinator of the world, so I always go with his vision for beauty.

I've collected some natural pictures that reflect some really great color palettes. Maybe these will inspire you to step outside and see what God has painted for you.

A soft color palette: tans, soft yellows, white, light green and a splash of pink. It would be great for a quiet living space with large windows that reflect natural sunlight into a room. It's a clean and fresh look. This would also be a sweet choice for a girl's room.

Blues, greens, white and something shiny are great colors for a bedroom. There are many shades of green and blue so you can choose how dark or light you want the color to be-lighter colors tend to make a space feel larger and open where a darker shade can close a room in for a cozier space.

I love these natural tones of brown, gray, and black. Great for a man's office or even a kitchen area. I would add a bold color (like red or yellow) to pop against this rich background. 

I absolutely love blue. It's my favorite color. Blue and white are a classic pair that will stand the test of time. I love the dark trees next to these colors. You could add a dark piece of furniture to a room with walls painted blue and white decor-very Maine coastal!

Lastly, a wonderful collection of colors for the entire home-in any room. Natural tones and gray tones breathe freshness into a home. This is a great palette to use on large spaces like walls, ceilings and trim. Then add your favorite color in your space with accent pillows, or small decor items, or even a small piece of painted furniture.

Choosing colors for any home is about making them work together not against each other. Too many colliding colors can create a chaotic space. My "rule of thumb" would be to choose 3 colors that work well together. Find a piece of artwork or fabric that incorporates all 3 colors as the connecting point to your room. Then pull those colors in separately all around the room. The inspiration piece is highlighted among the color palette making your space "Your Space!"

Simply home decorating-Southern Style!