Harvesting Garden Weeds

Today, my daughter and I decided to "harvest the garden weeds." In our neighborhood, we have community garden plots and it's such a fun time when we all get out there together and "talk shop", like any of us know what we are doing.

I can't take any credit for our garden plot-my husband, The Master Gardner, gets the job done. He loves to be outside after being cooped up at work all day. He and our girls love to head to the garden after dinner to do whatever it is you do in a garden. (I wouldn't know because all I grow are house plants). They bring me the fruit of their labor and I cook it, that's how I participate in our family garden.  So, off we head to the garden because I am a bad mother if I don't go with my baby girl (she's 11 not really a baby) to the park at least once this year. OOOO but what do I see, WEEDS!!! Now some people might look at this as a lot of work in order to prep the garden for a new crop. I see it as a decorating opportunity-don't you?  It's free, beautiful and all natural!

Well, as soon as I saw them I began to pull them up by the handfuls. It takes a lot of weed flowers to fill a vase! Once home, I decided to put these "lovely weeds" in none other than my antique milk glass vases. Who says you can't mix the new with the old or weeds with whatever! So, here you have it-a beautiful weed display for my table. 

As a footnote-these weeds (don't have a scientific name for them) last forever.... the girls brought me some the other night over a week ago and they are still very pretty.

Be inspired-get out in your yard and "harvest your weeds". Your home will look amazing!

Keep the SON shining,