DIY Makeover - Bookcase Transformation

When we first moved to Savannah, we lived in an apartment for six months on Wilmington Island. It was like a six month vacation for me because our little apartment was like a vacation rental at the beach.    I tried to make use of our tiny space and make it a home until we bought a house. In our six month journey "on the island", I was also homeschooling for the first time. Already having no room for daily living in the apartment, where in the world would I do homeschool? So at the kitchen table, my then 4th grader and I "did" school! I wanted to share how our space was used and where all of our homeschool stuff was stored in that tiny apartment. It's all about being creative with your space-you can make any space work for you and that's exactly what we did.

Years ago when my first daughter was born, my husband made this beautiful bookcase for her nursery/room. It has moved with us over the years and has been used in almost every part of our home in some way. As we prepared to move, the deep cleaning of the house began and that's when purging stuff happens. Being sentimental, I just couldn't let go of this bookcase. Everything my husband makes is special to me so I had to decide where we could use it. Knowing that we would be in an apartment I decided this would be great storage for our homeschool stuff. But, I'm a person that doesn't want to see clutter, I like to shut things behind a door to keep a simple look. We had this wooden closet door we had acquired at the thrift store and it had been sitting in the garage. So, let's make a storage cabinet!! 

This was a simple makeover-with a little cleaning, chalk paint and construction-we created a great storage cabinet. My husband cut down the door to fit-added hinges and a cute little hand made wooden knob.

Look at all of that storage! I decided on the blue color because, well, it's my favorite color and I was thinking coastal since we were moving close to the beach. Believe it or not, it stored all of our homeschool materials, books, and crafts. And we did school in our kitchen at the kitchen table! It now sits in our workshop as a storage cabinet for all of my paints and extra supplies. It's a versatile piece that can be moved all around the home.

Before getting rid of your "stuff", get creative and imagine what you could do with it. You might be surprised. I call it recycling!

Simple home decorating- Southern Style!