My daughter wanted me to actually finish decorating her room-that's a grand idea since I love to decorate. My home is always the last to get done because I decorate for others.  We have been in this home for a little over a year and there is always a project. If you are like me I just don't have a lot of extra money to spend on home decor. I have to admit I love  junking, yard sales, thrift stores and sometimes the trash-you never know what treasure someone may have thrown away!

In this blog, I'm sharing just some simple things I did to spruce up my daughter's room without breaking the bank. My #1 tip for decorating on a budget is to "shop your home" first before you purchase anything. You'll be surprised how much you already have and don't have to spend a dime.

Super simple- I had a paperback hymnal that I got months ago at a yard sale for a quarter-I was thinking I could use it for crafts. This simple project required twine (which I always have), 2 inch fabric pieces and musical paper.  Make a template for the triangles and trace and cut them out.  Then hole punch the music paper. Cut twine to the desired length and string through the paper. Then go back and add the fabric pieces. I just tied a knot at the top and spaced the pieces in between the paper.

This lamp has been in my daughter's room since she was two. I found a plain lamp shade in my decorating closet ( everyone should have a closet or attic for their extra decor items) and I painted the base with chalk paint (something I already had). 
It adds a splash of color to her room.

Books are a great way to accent a room and it's free! I gathered some of my daughter's special books from our school room and took some of her things she had jumbled on her desk and created an organized and colorful space on her book case. 
By using her things, it becomes her special space!

I have an obsession for pillows-well, it's probably worse than an obsession-let's just say I plenty of pillows and don't need to buy any more. Did I just say that out loud? 
Occasionally, I will move pillows from room to room giving the space a fresh look. This pillow came from our school room and it really breaks up the desk area color.

Her daddy made her a toy chest for simple storage of her Legos. The chest was a 10th birthday gift. Using old pine wood and a handle we had stored in our workshop-he made a special hand crafted chest that she will cherish even into her young adult years.
Old trunks or crates can be found at yard sales, thrift stores and auctions.
 They are great for storage in any room.

I love being able to use things we have collected over the years. My husband and I tore down an old home about 18 years ago and have stored the old lumber, windows and doors. I continue to go to that wood reserve for all my decorating needs. This little window is my favorite. I can imagine the stories of this window through the years- maybe a mother watching her child play in the field, or a husband watching his wife wash dishes at the window while he works in the yard. 

The only thing we purchased was some fabric for new pillow covers. I found ticking and red  polka dotted fabric on the clearance rack at Wal-Mart. The yellow pillow is made from two napkins purchased at Target- no measuring or cutting. Napkins are a cheap way to get custom name brand pillows at half the cost.

 Two old doors are being used as her headboard-
they are not attached-just leaning against the wall.

Her room is somewhat small but it's HER cozy space. Of course she has decorated with all her favorite things all around the room-it's important for kids to feel like they can claim a space in your home. You can set some guidelines as to what you will allow your child to do.

I hope this blog post has inspired you to spruce up by "shopping at home" first. Try it right now-go shopping in your closets and attics and start decorating!

Simple home decorating-Southern Style!