It's Travel Trailer Tuesday

It's Travel Trailer Tuesday! I'm so excited to share these wonderful little homes on wheels with you. This past saturday, my family and I went to the Tin Can Tourist Trailer Trot. It was a campground filled with fantastic travel trailers. It was like stepping back in time literally! We all had such a great time visiting with the owners and exploring these amazing trailers. I never thought I would ever want to own one but I can certainly see my husband and I traveling around in one like most of the people we met. Of course, our girls were totally excited too and wanted us to buy one right there on the spot!


How To Get Your Home Ready for Summer

As the warm weather approaches and we head into May, it seems that things begin to brighten up around the home. I like to open my windows and get some fresh air and let all the winter germs out. And I start to"re-decorate" the house.  Living in the hot south-we sort of skip over spring and head right into the hot weather. I like to get my house ready for the summer season.


Vintage Travel Trailers

Vintage Travel Trailers! One of my favorite things. Many years ago, a friend had a camper/truck parked on her farm that was not being used. Every time I would visit her, I just had this crazy idea of owning it one day and traveling with my family. Well, the years passed and I never bought it from her but the dream of owning a vintage trailer is still a twinkle in my eye. Of course I was over the top excited when I saw the flyer for the "Tin Can Tourists Trailer Trot" at Tybee Island. Over 50 vintage trailers were stationed at the River's End Campground for an open house or should I say "open trailer" show. I was totally overwhelmed with vintage decor and trailers-it can't get any better than that! Because I took so many pictures and met such wonderful people I will be doing a series each Tuesday called:

"Travel Trailer Tuesdays"

I hope you will join me for the amazing vintage decor, stories of the past, and fabulous "tin can tourists". I just can't wait to share all of the pictures from Saturday with you. 



Breathe!! The clean air all around you is coming from the plants in your home. What? You don't have any plants in your home because you might kill them. Never fear-there are so many plants to choose from that God even made some that won't die due to your lack of a green thumb. Plants bring a home to life!


How To Bring Life to Your Coffee Table

A Bowl Of Memories

Several months ago, I refinished a beautiful oak coffee table and placed it in front of our family sofa. It sat empty for days. I just couldn't decide what to put on it. I tried different things like a bowl of crayons and paper for coloring, a stack of magazines, some old books, and even a tray that held the remotes. It just wasn't coming alive like I wanted it to. I asked myself, "what will bring this table to life?" This past weekend the girls and I were looking at some old photos-we pulled out boxes of pictures and laughed together. As I was putting them back, I realized that these pictures stay trapped inside an old trunk in a box and never get looked at but maybe once a year. BINGO! This is the life I needed for my coffee table. I don't scrapbook and I don't have a lot of pictures framed sitting around my house but we love pictures and we love our family! In the South, family is a BIG deal just like BIG hair! Our family lives eight hours away and we miss them lots. So what better way to reconnect and share memories than a "bowl of memories." The kids love it! I selected random pictures from years ago to the present and tossed them in an old cracked antique bowl I bought at a yard sale for 25 cents. It's decorative and simple and yet full of life, life memories! Last night, I looked over at my husband as he sat in his chair.  He had the bowl in his lap as he looked through the pictures-the years of our little life together. He had a smile on his face and I knew this is just what we needed in our family room. It's a reminder of life, love, lots  of laughter and wonderful memories.

I encourage you to make a "bowl of memories" for your family and see what joy it will bring to your home!

Simple Home Decorating "Southern Style"



DIY Makeover - Bookcase Transformation

When we first moved to Savannah, we lived in an apartment for six months on Wilmington Island. It was like a six month vacation for me because our little apartment was like a vacation rental at the beach.    I tried to make use of our tiny space and make it a home until we bought a house. In our six month journey "on the island", I was also homeschooling for the first time. Already having no room for daily living in the apartment, where in the world would I do homeschool? So at the kitchen table, my then 4th grader and I "did" school! I wanted to share how our space was used and where all of our homeschool stuff was stored in that tiny apartment. It's all about being creative with your space-you can make any space work for you and that's exactly what we did.

Years ago when my first daughter was born, my husband made this beautiful bookcase for her nursery/room. It has moved with us over the years and has been used in almost every part of our home in some way. As we prepared to move, the deep cleaning of the house began and that's when purging stuff happens. Being sentimental, I just couldn't let go of this bookcase. Everything my husband makes is special to me so I had to decide where we could use it. Knowing that we would be in an apartment I decided this would be great storage for our homeschool stuff. But, I'm a person that doesn't want to see clutter, I like to shut things behind a door to keep a simple look. We had this wooden closet door we had acquired at the thrift store and it had been sitting in the garage. So, let's make a storage cabinet!! 

This was a simple makeover-with a little cleaning, chalk paint and construction-we created a great storage cabinet. My husband cut down the door to fit-added hinges and a cute little hand made wooden knob.

Look at all of that storage! I decided on the blue color because, well, it's my favorite color and I was thinking coastal since we were moving close to the beach. Believe it or not, it stored all of our homeschool materials, books, and crafts. And we did school in our kitchen at the kitchen table! It now sits in our workshop as a storage cabinet for all of my paints and extra supplies. It's a versatile piece that can be moved all around the home.

Before getting rid of your "stuff", get creative and imagine what you could do with it. You might be surprised. I call it recycling!

Simple home decorating- Southern Style!




Making Thrifty Pillows

Do you get tired of the crazy priced pillows in the stores nowadays? I do. I love pillows and the pillow aisle at some of favorite stores is where you will probably find me most when I'm out shopping. Now, I do have a little obsession with pillows so I am always looking for clearance pillows and things I can use to make pillows.



How To Choose a Color Palette for Your Home

Choosing colors for a room in your home can be challenging. It's really about you and what you like. What colors are you drawn too? Do you want a warm and cozy room? Do you want a room that screams fun? Do you want quiet and serene? These are questions you should ask yourself when choosing a color for your home.


How to Create Simple Table Settings for Easter

How to Create Simple Table Settings for Easter

Setting a table for a special luncheon or dinner shouldn't be a stressful thing.  I love to entertain and especially have people over to eat a meal. What better way to fellowship with others than around the table with food. Easter is one of my most favorite holidays! First of all it's all about Jesus-Easter is the Gospel-it's the story of forgiveness, sacrifice and amazing love! I look forward to it each year. And, yes we have our traditions that we have done for years-like giving the girls an Easter basket (but not from that dumb bunny), we buy new dresses for church, we attend several special services and of course gather around the table for lunch after church. 

Here are some quick and easy table settings for your special meal.

Type up a menu or favorite verse, print it and place in a decorative frame. Different frames at each place setting is very southern. It makes each place setting special. Here I used a white table cloth with a spring cloth placemat and my china. I love to pull out the china for any occasion. A simple flower from the yard and twine tied around the napkin and fork finish this setting off. I used an antique ramekin from my collection as the centerpiece.

You can make your table setting less formal by having a little fun. Flowers in a watering can and plastic peep eggs make this fun especially for the kids. You may want to change out the glass for a smaller one at the kids table- maybe have a special smaller glass used only at holidays.

More fun with the plastic peep eggs in my vintage Easter basket I bought at Goodwill for $2. Also, the paper flower napkins came from the Dollar Tree. Use them to layer your dishes giving it a "pop" of color.

I have a decorating closet that holds all of my extras for decorating. In preparing for this blog post I pulled everything out and started creating fun place settings. I found this paper bird that is actually a Christmas ornament. You never know what you find in your "closet." I paired the bird with a blue piece of burlap and the grapevine ball. This is a more natural setting-great for an outdoor lunch or even a patio party.

These are just a few examples of how to create simple table settings for Easter. Be creative and use what you have- mix colors, use a theme, do all white-anything goes when you create it!

Simple Home Decorating-Southern Style!





My daughter wanted me to actually finish decorating her room-that's a grand idea since I love to decorate. My home is always the last to get done because I decorate for others.  We have been in this home for a little over a year and there is always a project. If you are like me I just don't have a lot of extra money to spend on home decor. I have to admit I love  junking, yard sales, thrift stores and sometimes the trash-you never know what treasure someone may have thrown away!

In this blog, I'm sharing just some simple things I did to spruce up my daughter's room without breaking the bank. My #1 tip for decorating on a budget is to "shop your home" first before you purchase anything. You'll be surprised how much you already have and don't have to spend a dime.


Harvesting Garden Weeds

Today, my daughter and I decided to "harvest the garden weeds." In our neighborhood, we have community garden plots and it's such a fun time when we all get out there together and "talk shop", like any of us know what we are doing.


Pies, Porches, Pillows and Flying Pigs

"When pigs fly!"

A phrase I heard for the first time 10 years ago in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. It means it "ain't" going to happen! Well, after nine months of blogging, painting furniture, decorating, junking, selling and the list goes on- Burlap & Barn Doors is moving on up-the business is growing and I'm feeling blessed and stressed at the same time. 

Since, today is the first day of the month and of course the infamous-April Fool's day ( I'm really "type A" about starting new things on the first day of the month), I wanted to let all of my readers know that I have changed my business name. NO, this isn't an April Fool's joke. I'm serious about growing my business and a name change has definitely been in the works for sometime now. A fresh look, a fresh name and hopefully a fresh direction.