What to do with Thrift Store Finds

Thrift store finds-the whale is my favorite.

I love to shop yard sales and thrift stores. This past weekend I found myself wondering around in a new Goodwill I found in South Carolina! Yay! It was like walking into a candy store for me. I found some small items and my girls thought I was crazy for buying them. "What in the world are you going to do with those?", they asked me.
Well, if you are a thrifty decorator like myself you have to see the beauty in all things. I had a plan for my new treasures. Hope you like!

A little white spray paint makes them adorable!

My first arrangement was a vintage Easter basket I found at the thrift store months ago for $2. I added a head of cabbage from our garden and two of my cute little bunnies.
Next, I tried a table scape on the coffee table. I used a placemat and spring flowers
to make the bunnies feel right at home.

A bunny on the side table in the bedroom-Happy Spring!

Or I could use the glass bunny dish on my mantel-
 it sits on some old books.

Here I paired them together.

Lastly, but my favorite-the ugly brown whale is now at home in my beach guest room.

So when you go exploring at the thrift store-let your mind wonder and be creative. With a little paint who knows what you'll create!

Keep the SON shining,