How to Turn a Recycled Pallet into a 
Beautiful Headboard

I  enjoy decorating for my friend and neighbor, Tammy. She has such a spicy personality and she is not afraid to play with color. We had been looking for some old doors to use as a headboard but what we were finding was super expensive. In the search for a headboard, Tammy found an old pallet (by the dumpster) that was about 9 feet long. Perfect!


"Spring has sprung! "

Something my mama always says when the flowers start to bloom. I love this time of year when everything comes alive! There is a sense of hope and confidence in the days ahead. The flowers begin to wake up and the green grass starts to peek it's little head. The birds' songs seem happier. The sun warms my soul! Or is it that the SON warms my soul. Newness-the old made new again. I'm thankful for a Savior that makes me new.

What warms your soul this spring? Is it the weather, the flowers or your Creator?

Step outside-sit on your porch-enjoy nature-sip on some tea and reflect!

Keep the SON shining,



What to do with Thrift Store Finds

Thrift store finds-the whale is my favorite.

I love to shop yard sales and thrift stores. This past weekend I found myself wondering around in a new Goodwill I found in South Carolina! Yay! It was like walking into a candy store for me. I found some small items and my girls thought I was crazy for buying them. "What in the world are you going to do with those?", they asked me.


Simple Saturday Morning DIY Project

This tray was a wedding gift and it has not been used much.
  The wooden pieces were some items I had purchased
awhile ago for another project.  Found them in my craft stuff.

Well, the weather is beautiful and the outside of my house needs some attention after the cold winter weather we have actually had here in southern Georgia. Wanting to make my front door and porch a welcoming venue, I stared at the dead plants and blankness of the door. So I decided to start with something for the front door. I am not good at tying burlap bows but I love them. I didn't want a big burlap wreath because everyone has them but I love them. I dare to be different without spending any money. So I scampered around the house and found a few things. I hope you like what I came up with for the the front door. Some advice-don't get hung up in what's popular now-venture out on your own and make something beautiful out of anything.

I had a small batch of leftover blue paint I was mixing to experiment with on furniture-no need for it to go to waste.
I had an almost empty can of flat black spray paint
-just enough for a small project.
After the wood pieces were dry-I hot glued them to the tray.

Because the tray is not a completely flat surface I had to apply some pressure to get everything to stick firmly. I let this sit awhile.

After everything was glued together-the dilemma was how to hang this on the front door. I don't tie bows very well and twine was too small and not very pretty.

I had some blue burlap left over from Christmas.

I decided to turn the "B" horizontally so the ribbon would look better. I attached the burlap ribbon with small twine bows.
Easy Peasy and I didn't have to make a bow!

Simple but cute and an original-
I bet no one else has one like it.

What do you have laying around that could be a wreath?

 I would love to see what you come up with-
share in the comments.

Keep the SON shining,