Playing up the Playroom!

My latest adventure was a client's playroom/loft area for her kids. She already had some wonderful pieces of furniture and with a little rearranging and added accessories-we were able to come up with a cozy little spot just for the kids.
We created a gallery wall with some of
her wonderful artwork she has collected.
The "Antibes Green" Annie Sloan desk I painted.
It turned out so adorable!
The finished room.
The bookcase was so much fun to do-I love children's books. And we added the Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls for fun!
The kids have a play table just their size.
I made this artwork frame out of an old frame I bought at a church sale. I added the wire and attached painted clothespins to hang their drawings.
Nothing says "play" like wooden blocks.


Middleton Place-Charleston, SC

This blog is a little late but springtime is quickly approaching and I didn't want you to miss out on visiting Middleton Place in Charleston, SC. 

Our extended family lives in Virginia so we usually go home to see them either at Thanksgiving or after Christmas. This year we decided to make the trip to Virginia after Christmas. We stayed here to celebrate Thanksgiving. In doing so, Mel and I like to take "field trips" with the kids. I like to call us the "tacky tourists" because we have moved around quite a bit and every place we've lived-we try to do all the tourist stuff. It makes us appreciate where we live even more. On Thanksgiving day we headed to Charleston, SC which is about 2 hours from Richmond Hill, GA. We spent the day at Middleton Place- an old 1700s rice plantation that was almost ruined by the Union soldiers during the Civil War. It changed owners over the life of the plantation and now lends itself to the public as a historical landmark. It was absolutely beautiful. With 65 acres of open gardens and secret passages and boasting thousands of acres of flooded rice fields that are longer used. There was a home on the property but it was not the original home as it was burned down before the Middletons bought the estate. Stables, slave homes, old barns and many little out buildings fill the plantations history. We enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving buffet on the ground under old sail cloth tents. It was a real treat to feast there and imagine we were there during the Civil War age. We made lots of memories that day! We hope to return in the spring to see the two hundred year old azaleas and camellias in bloom.

Eliza's house- an old slave home

One of the many bridges on the property.

Across the water is the old spring house-where water was collected and food was stored in crocks down in the cold water of the spring.

A flooded rice field. The rice fields are no longer used and are all completely flooded. This one is partially flooded and has been planted with rice so visitors can see how rice is grown and harvested.

Hundreds of these beautiful flowers await the spring time. Only a few were blooming in November.

One of the many paths throughout the garden estate-we may meet Mr. Dingley on this path (Pride and Prejudice).

Geometry lesson-the gardens were so incredibly and mathematically planned.

Love the old windows and brick.

The stables-can I get those barn doors in my house? Love them!

Beautiful old wood box-I love the simple design.

Antlers-who knew 100 years ago that these things would be so popular in home decor design today.

Sweet grass basket and cabinet made from wood on the farm.

I loved Eliza's house-it was so simple and nestled among the trees-I could just see the slaves sitting on the porch singing and laughing with each other.

I inherited an old trunk just like this one from my husband's family farm. I'm sure it holds many memories.

A sundial was used to tell time.

A joggling bench-a young courting couple would sit on each end and as it rocked it "joggled" them to the middle. I want one of these-project for my hubby to build!

Middleton Place

Extend Grace,


Latest Project-It is Finished!

I met a really nice military wife (a nurse) when she purchased some painted furniture from me. She asked me if I would custom paint this huge 7 foot bookcase. Of course I can! Well, you talk about the heaviest piece of furniture we have ever moved-well this was it. There is no known history of this bookcase but after a closer look-it was probably used in a department store. It's so tall and very sturdy, something that would be used for a display in a store. It had vintage wall paper on the back panel and down the side panels. What to do?? No way am I going to strip all of that off-so I sanded it down-making it super smooth and Annie Sloan did the rest! It took me two weeks  to finally finish it. I used Annie Sloan "old white" chalk paint over the entire bookcase. The top molding and shelves were done in Old Masters gel stain. Now gel stain is hard to work with because there is a long process to it especially when the weather has been cold. It took at least a week for the shelves to be painted and dried on both sides. I even brought them inside the house at room temperature to help them dry. I am pleased with the finished product and so glad my friend will be able to use this in her new home. She and her husband will be moving in March to Cape Maine , New Jersey. He serves in the Coast Guard. It makes me happy that something I painted will be making it's home in a new home up north.  I like being able to help people finish projects and pull their houses together. A house with finished projects means more time for family and this family is expecting a sweet new baby in March- so no time for projects. I am thankful to them for their business and their service to our country! It was great working with you.
This was day #1 of the project-assessing it and cleaning it up.
 The prep work is what makes it all come together in the end.
Sanded some rough spots down on the bottom.

First coat of Annie Sloan

I had to sand the shelves so the gel stain would stick to it.
Several coats were applied to get it dark enough
 to match an already existing piece.
The end results... Two coats of Annie Sloan chalk paint-
two coats of clear wax and two coats of gel
 stain on the shelves.
It is finally done!
Extend Grace,