Plantation Peanuts

Back in the day when life was much simpler and slower and of course I was younger, there was a little shop right on Highway 460 in Virginia that sold peanuts called Plantation Peanuts. Just a little one building establishment where locally grown peanuts were cooked and sold to those just passing by. An amazing young couple, Edwin and Tammy Goodrich, started this country store in Wakefield, Virginia many years ago. It became a special place to me because it was one of my first jobs when I was a teenager. After working at a florist and tanning salon for a brief stint, this sweet couple hired we to manage the store on the weekends. Yes!! Growing up on a peanut farm all of my life seemed the perfect resume for working in a peanut shop. I worked on the weekends, Christmas' and summers during high school and then on holiday breaks from college during their busy Christmas seasons. I worked there for years. It was such a great experience and I am so thankful for that sweet couple that hired me to help out. Now that I am all grown up and no longer live in Virginia, I always try to stop by the store whenever we go to Virginia to visit family. It has grown into an amazing business-more buildings and a larger store area, more employees, and more customers. My favorite type of peanut is the double dipped chocolate covered peanuts! Yummy!! Plantation Peanuts offers a wide variety of savory tasting peanuts, not just the Virginia style peanut fried in oil and salted but also sweet and salty varieties. It's a great southern stop out on the highway-small town hospitality and a friendly smile and of course amazing peanuts! If you are traveling that way-please stop in and enjoy some tasty treats-there are always samples to try. I promise you won't leave the store without buying something. I hope you enjoy these pictures from my visit there over the holidays.

The far back room used to be the processing area
now it's part of the store. Larger buildings have

 been built to process the peanuts.

Tammy made this lamp when I was working
there in high school.It still looks amazing after all these years.
Nothing like a company corn hole
game hanging on your wall.
Love it!!
Country style counter and old fashioned store.
Peanuts shocks-farmers would stack
 fresh picked peanuts on large sticks
 in the fields to help them dry out.
The store front is always so inviting!
Old fashioned peanut picker-this was before my
Daddy's time for picking peanuts-he had the
more modern style picker. My granddaddy would have used one of these.

Right on Highway 460 in Wakefield, Virginia