I love to blog about the new places I visit when I am in Savannah. On Saturday, my daughter and I had some time to visit a cute store on Whitaker Street called ONE FISH TWO FISH. It's a decor store with some clothing and jewelry. It's an absolutely beautiful store. I didn't realize how quaint that area is on Whitaker Street with lots of nice upscale stores and studios. It's worth a visit to park and just walk around and visit a few stores. Of course, I always have the camera with me so I took some pictures while we were in the store. I wanted to share them with you!

That's my baby girl waiting for me outside of the store.

Love this super cool chair!

I was completely drawn to this wall-
I love the blue and white!

I love the coastal colors and
peaceful atmosphere of the store.
These were a nice heavy fabric but super fluffy.

Love the fan tail collection on the wall.

My new addiction-Mariposa. It's made out of recycled aluminum.
It can go from the fridge to the oven to the table.
Reasonably priced too.
I will start a collection soon!