I love to blog about the new places I visit when I am in Savannah. On Saturday, my daughter and I had some time to visit a cute store on Whitaker Street called ONE FISH TWO FISH. It's a decor store with some clothing and jewelry. It's an absolutely beautiful store. I didn't realize how quaint that area is on Whitaker Street with lots of nice upscale stores and studios. It's worth a visit to park and just walk around and visit a few stores. Of course, I always have the camera with me so I took some pictures while we were in the store. I wanted to share them with you!

That's my baby girl waiting for me outside of the store.

Love this super cool chair!

I was completely drawn to this wall-
I love the blue and white!

I love the coastal colors and
peaceful atmosphere of the store.
These were a nice heavy fabric but super fluffy.

Love the fan tail collection on the wall.

My new addiction-Mariposa. It's made out of recycled aluminum.
It can go from the fridge to the oven to the table.
Reasonably priced too.
I will start a collection soon!



Decorating a Friend's Office Space

How to Spice up a Sunroom into a Cozy Office Den

When I started Burlap and Barn Doors back in August, I was hoping to build a business to include decorating-my favorite hobby. The business is really centered around furniture-shabby, coastal, painted and repurposed. Because of the business, the window of opportunity to decorate has opened. I'm still not sure where the business will take us but I'm loving it so far. It's hard work but it's fun. It's probably the best job I have ever had because I just walk across my porch into the workshop (garage) and work whenever and however I want. No complaining here! It's been a blessing. I owe a great big thank you to my friend and neighbor, Tammy. She bought one of my first pieces I made-a chalkboard made out of an old frame. She has since purchased several pieces of furniture and has put an order in for some more. I am so grateful for her willingness to give us a shot! Today, was a milestone for the business. I had been working on Tammy's office/den area and today we got to pull it all together! It was so much fun. Tammy has a great eye for design and she and I were able to bounce ideas around and come up with a super cozy office space that I know she will enjoy. This room is so beautiful because it has two full walls of windows and french doors. It's a perfect place for her to work. No window treatments needed because of the natural landscape outside. Here are some before and after pictures:
Before-when I started to move the furniture around in the space.
Moved the two chairs from the window side to the wall.
Room in progress
After-The family wall-I absolutely love it!!
The cozy nook for her to work and watch the news.
Family wall-side view
I will be stopping by to curl up in this chair and read a book.
She had this gorgeous painting and no wall space-
so I sat it in the deep window sill.
The table is one my husband made.



Organizational Tips for 2014

I don't know about you but there is something to be said about a new year. I get this incredible sense of "I have got to clean everything out or I will not survive" attitude. Maybe I'm a little OCD or just over the top when it comes to getting organized and cleaning out my home. Anyway, I have condensed my crazy organizational ideas down to a simple Top 10 list for you. These are not super hard and they don't require any purchases. Simple and free! And you feel good about getting organized-so jump on in and get started. I promise you will be so refreshed after doing these simple things that the big projects won't seem so big. I hope my suggestions help you. Please feel free to comment and let me know if you need help with any other areas for organization. I have lots of ideas! Happy organizing.

1. CLEAN OUT YOUR JUNK DRAWER. Everyone has one and junk drawers are a must. But it does need cleaning out at least once a year. You will be surprised as to what you might find in there. I found a sweet poem my husband had written-it was tucked behind some papers. Now I can read those sweet words my husband wrote for me over and over again.

2. CLEAN OUT THE MEDICINE CABINET. This was my medicine basket before it got a little overhaul. There was outdated medicine in there. This really should be done twice a year. I threw away the old medicine and made a list of things I need to buy to update my stock. It is flu season so it's good to have some things on hand but not out dated stuff.

3. CLEAN OUT YOUR MAGAZINES.  I don't really have that many magazine subscriptions but when they are coming once a month and I haven't cleaned them out in awhile-they begin to creep up the wall in a huge pile. I had at least 30 magazines in this tray and now I only have 6.(above picture) Don't throw them out-donate to your local doctor's office. The patients will be glad to see something new on the waiting room table. Also, I rip out favorite recipes and decorating pictures and file them away then I don't have the bulk of magazines laying around. Homeless shelters and Goodwill stores will take magazines also. Just remember to mark out your name and home information on your subscription label.

4. CLEAN OUT YOUR CLOTHES. Okay, I love to shop and I especially like shopping the thrift stores for good deals on clothes. But, my closet gets really full. Then I can't enjoy my clothes because I have too many and forget what I have. Above is my closet currently (after a good purging). I like to color coordinate my clothes-that way I can keep track of what's in there. Donate your items to a thrift shop only if they are in good shape. Use your judgement as to what is in good condition. If you wouldn't buy it from the thrift store then it needs to be tossed. Also, clothing consignment shops are popping up everywhere. You could make a little money off of what you purge.

5. CLEAN OUT YOUR SOCK DRAWER.  Oh how your socks will love you. Everyone wants to be with someone-so do your socks. My biggest pet peeve are single socks. What in the world do you do with a single sock that has lost it's mate? Sock puppets and rags. Purge those single socks and mate your socks up-you will be so glad you did when you go for a pair and they are both there. On a positive note: apparently it's cool to wear mismatched socks-my kids do that all the time! Ha Ha!

6. TAKE INVENTORY OF YOUR CANNED GOODS. I don't know about you but there are a lot of canned goods on sale during the holidays and I tend to over buy because I may need it for all that baking I'm going to do. Food banks get wiped out during the holidays and winter months, so now is a good time to take inventory of what you have and share it. I found some extra cans that I haven't used and some canned goods that I won't be using any time soon. I put these cans in a box to go to our local food bank. - no purchase necessary. 

7. THE UTENSIL DRAWER NEEDS SOME ATTENTION. I find that my utensil drawer gets dirty. I mean there are crumbs all in the bottom of the drawer. It's from wiping off the counter and little particles seep down in the drawer and everything settles under the utensil tray. So, I vacuum the drawer! Yes, pull everything out and vacuum! I even spray a little cleaner in there and wipe it down. You use your utensils everyday and that's one thing you want to be clean.

8. THE KIDS TOYS ARE TAKING OVER THE HOUSE! HELP!! This probably should be done before Christmas. Each year I have my girls deep clean their rooms and toys right before the holidays. They must decide what to keep and what to donate. A little trick that works great with younger kids is to pay them. I know that sounds ridiculous but it works. I give them a box and ask them to fill it up. It is also decision making skills at it's best-teachable moments with your kids. Whatever they place in the box I write it down and give them the thrift store price it would sell for and I pay them. Then they don't feel like they've totally lost out in this process. They understand too that they are helping a family to purchase toys for their children at Christmas by giving up something. I suggest the money they earn go back into savings or even given as a tithe at church. Again, I let me kids think and pray about what they should do with that toy money they earned.

9. BATHROOM CABINETS NEED SOME LOVE. There is not a linen closet in my girls' bathroom so they have to store things under their sinks. Well, over time that area becomes a danger zone. Pull it all out, vacuum (I love to vacuum), wipe down and purge. This is the after picture of my daughter's sink area-I just couldn't show you the before-ugh!

10. CLOSETS AND CABINETS NEED TO BE USER FRIENDLY. This is a picture of the family bathroom closet. We store extras and things we all use in that closet. This area needs to be accessible to everyone. I label and put things in clear containers so everyone can find things without pulling everything out. Clear containers are the best invention-it's self explanatory- no labels necessary. If you have to purchase containers-go to your local Dollar Tree-they have so many organizational options that come in all different sizes. Get creative!


Plantation Peanuts

Back in the day when life was much simpler and slower and of course I was younger, there was a little shop right on Highway 460 in Virginia that sold peanuts called Plantation Peanuts. Just a little one building establishment where locally grown peanuts were cooked and sold to those just passing by. An amazing young couple, Edwin and Tammy Goodrich, started this country store in Wakefield, Virginia many years ago. It became a special place to me because it was one of my first jobs when I was a teenager. After working at a florist and tanning salon for a brief stint, this sweet couple hired we to manage the store on the weekends. Yes!! Growing up on a peanut farm all of my life seemed the perfect resume for working in a peanut shop. I worked on the weekends, Christmas' and summers during high school and then on holiday breaks from college during their busy Christmas seasons. I worked there for years. It was such a great experience and I am so thankful for that sweet couple that hired me to help out. Now that I am all grown up and no longer live in Virginia, I always try to stop by the store whenever we go to Virginia to visit family. It has grown into an amazing business-more buildings and a larger store area, more employees, and more customers. My favorite type of peanut is the double dipped chocolate covered peanuts! Yummy!! Plantation Peanuts offers a wide variety of savory tasting peanuts, not just the Virginia style peanut fried in oil and salted but also sweet and salty varieties. It's a great southern stop out on the highway-small town hospitality and a friendly smile and of course amazing peanuts! If you are traveling that way-please stop in and enjoy some tasty treats-there are always samples to try. I promise you won't leave the store without buying something. I hope you enjoy these pictures from my visit there over the holidays.

The far back room used to be the processing area
now it's part of the store. Larger buildings have

 been built to process the peanuts.

Tammy made this lamp when I was working
there in high school.It still looks amazing after all these years.
Nothing like a company corn hole
game hanging on your wall.
Love it!!
Country style counter and old fashioned store.
Peanuts shocks-farmers would stack
 fresh picked peanuts on large sticks
 in the fields to help them dry out.
The store front is always so inviting!
Old fashioned peanut picker-this was before my
Daddy's time for picking peanuts-he had the
more modern style picker. My granddaddy would have used one of these.

Right on Highway 460 in Wakefield, Virginia