Welcome back to the Bass home for the "Real Christmas Home Tour!" After the house has been cleaned to perfection and staged for pictures using the excellent afternoon light- the real story unfolds. After a photo shoot, life happens again. We live in our house and do not live in a perfect world. I thought it would be fun to show you what our home really looks like….



Welcome to our home, Part 2! I see so many wonderful decorating ideas out and about but I honestly don't have time to do all I want to. I actually started early this year preparing and gathering the essentials but I still haven't done all the cute little touches. So it's a simple year for decorating and that's okay in my book. Christmas is simple! Jesus' birth was simple! So, we are keeping it simple this year. Come on in and look around…..



Welcome to the Bass Home Christmas Tour. Because we live in a very wooden neighborhood and because of our love for nature, our theme for decorating has been about bringing the outdoors inside. Come on in and enjoy our little cottage in the woods…..




Christmas decorating can be fun or very stressful. I choose to enjoy the festive holiday and try not to get all stressed out about decorating. We started with the exterior of our home this year. If the outside of your home is inviting, the inside will welcome guests even more.  Today, I'm sharing some simple decorating tips for the exterior of your home-low cost-low stress and simple! 



10 years ago, my husband and I with our two small daughters left our hometown and moved 18 hours away from family, friends and our comfortable place in the world. God called us to a new place and a new adventure with Him. As I stepped off the plane in Gulfport, Mississippi with two very tired and overly excited little girls, my mind went into over drive and it hasn't stopped since! I went into survival mode!



It would be fair to say that I'm a regular at our local Goodwill store. I frequent the place so much that I have three friends that work there that know me by name and they are always curious as to what I'm "up to next!" I don't mind because shopping at the Goodwill provides people with jobs and I get to buy cheap stuff that I can turn into a DIY project. Join me for my latest adventure…. RECOVERING A CHAIR.



Is it time for Christmas decorating already? Well, yes it is if you want to be ready and enjoy the season instead of stressing out! I love to add new elements each year to my Christmas decor and I especially like to create simple and inexpensive things to put around the house. With the expense of Christmas shopping, baking, parties, etc. we shouldn't have to spend a lot on decorations. Join me for a simple wreath for under $10 that you can make in less than an hour.



Today, I'm sharing a table makeover made simple! Traditionally I would have stripped this piece of furniture with a liquid stripping compound and scrapped the paint off-it's a tedious process but it gets the job done thoroughly. I want to share another way to get that paint off!  Come and join me in the workshop…


rooms with a view

Rooms with a View was an event presented by the Telfair Academy Guild. It hosted a weekend of "southern style." Top designers from Savannah came together to share their secrets to decorating by designing small vignettes in the Telfair Museum. I was so inspired by each designer and their varying techniques of design. I learned that decorating can be elegant, expensive, simple and inexpensive. It's about YOU and what you like in your home.


DIY Gift Project

When it comes to gifts, do you sometimes wonder what to do or have you simply run out of ideas?  I like to do something special when giving a gift even if it doesn't cost a lot.  Your heart can be expressed in the gifts you give. Yes, we can go buy gift cards and a card and those gifts are greatly appreciated, but it's the time and thought behind a gift that makes it special. Today, I am sharing a gift idea anyone can do….



Ruby Rose, that's the name my daughter gave her golden retriever puppy. As a gift for her 16th birthday, Mackenzie (my daughter) and Ruby Rose have become fast friends! Ruby Rose has done nothing but bring us joy and laughter since we got her.

Today's blog features Ruby Rose, "a dog on a blog."



Turning ONE is a special time for the birthday child but especially for the parents. They get to celebrate making it through the first year! Today, I am sharing the cutest little "campfire" party. My friend, Tari, is so creative and to celebrate her son's first birthday she planned a "campfire party". Her hobby is party planning and she has such talent for it.  Tari is also an amazing cook-baking is her specialty! So, when we were invited to her son's first birthday party-YES, we'll be there (cupcakes) and of course to love on the birthday boy!



This is our boring backyard entrance to our home. It's a tiny space and getting grass to grow there was a nightmare. After tossing around ideas, the hubby and I came up with a plan we both liked.  Join us for the makeover…..



The art of letter writing is slowly dying due to technology. It's quite sad to see our children not even able to write in cursive anymore. If cursive writing isn't being taught in the schools then how will our future leaders sign their names. I am reminded of the most famous signature in history, John Hancock. His beautiful script is remembered hundreds of years later. What will be remembered a hundred years from today-texting symbols "LOL" or "BTW"? I think we are reverting back to thousands of years ago when people didn't have an alphabet system so they drew pictures to communicate in writing.



Today, I am highlighting my husband's creative side. I would say that he is an artist. We all have a little artist in us. We each need an outlet from the everyday grind of work so, the hubby loves to sit in his workshop and create. Create what, you may ask? Well, junky robots that are whimsical and an expression of his creative side. 

Teaspoons for hands and a tea tin body- Tea anyone?



I love vintage stuff!! And vintage kitchen stuff is just down right fun! Now, I'm not a gourmet chef like my sister-in-law, but I do like to cook for my family. I like to dish up southern meals and especially treats. I think what I really like about cooking is the kitchen decor. My kitchen is filled with vintage pyrex bowls, jadeite pieces, white dishes, vintage mixing bowls, antique blue willow dishes, vintage spoons, etc. 

Maybe that's why I like to be in the kitchen-not to cook but for the cute kitchen decor!


Bacon Pecan Shortbread

Nothing says "southern" like bacon! So why not do some Baking with Bacon.

Southern Sisters,

I have the most mouth watering recipe for you………. well, it's the next best thing to... I don't know shopping!! This recipe comes from the new 2014 Christmas with Southern Living book. I'm already thinking of what new recipes I'm gonna dish up during the holidays!



I discovered this old tool box in our workshop. It was so exciting to find all of these wonderful little treasures.  Um… What shall I do with them??? …..



I love old quilts, the kind that are completely made by hand from scraps of fabric and the stitches are imperfect. There's a story in each stitch. When I find a quilt at an antique store, I am immediately drawn to it and of course want to buy it. I have several old quilts I have purchased through the years.



Decorating for fall doesn't have to be expensive. The fall season is a great time to use what's outdoors  (it's free) to decorate with in your home. I absolutely love white dishes. I'm probably a little over the top when it comes to buying white dishes.


Blogland Tour

Welcome to Blog Land! 

This summer I attended the Haven Conference which is a DIY blogger conference held in Atlanta.  Hundreds of ladies rallied together to learn, share, teach and hang out for the  weekend. I met two wonderful ladies at lunch one day. Janette and Jordan created a mother/daughter lifestyle blog about 3 years ago. Their blog is unique because Janette lives in Kentucky and Jordan lives in New York but together they write this amazing blog. I love how the mother /daughter team decorates their home, gives their readers simple decorating tips and shares some amazing recipes!   http://www.the2seasons.com


Southern Living Idea Home in Palmetto Bluff, SC

Okay ladies, can I just move in today!!!

This house was gorgeous………..

Palmetto Bluff, SC is a southern secluded neighborhood village with large lots, water and beautiful homes. The girlfriends and I had a "girls day out"a few weekends ago and we ventured over to South Carolina to check this house out. It was worth the trip and the day was wonderful hanging with the girls!



Kennedy's room was in desperate need of a makeover! She can be sort of a pack rat and the room was busting at the seams. 

Time to clean out and clean up………….


Antique Dresser Makeover

I was given my great grandmother's oak bedroom suite many years ago.  It brings so many childhood memories back to me and I'm honored to have the pieces in my home. Well, the furniture has never been refinished. It was still in it's original state when I got it. So over time, the finish began to peel off and turn orange. It desperately needed some TLC. (It's probably 50 years old)


Things That Inspire Me

What inspires your home decorating? There are lots of things I really like and I'm usually drawn to them. If you see something you like and keep going back to it, then grab it and use it in your home. Your homes should be a place full of things you like- it's part of your personality.


Less is MORE Project

I am wrapping up the 30 day Less is More Project a little early. It's truly been a journey for me over the past month. Honestly, I don't feel like I have reduced much in my life. I'm still distracted with the noise of life. However, the noise has grown softer over the past few weeks. From de-cluttering closets to spending more quiet time with God, this journey has shown me that life can sweep us up and away, and we don't even realize it. 


A Garden Market

During the summer, our family visited St. Simons Island. It's a wonderful beach town with great places to eat and lots of great shopping. As usual I had my camera with me (which drives my kids crazy) and I snapped a few photos of the cutest little store, The Vine. In the South, we do things on a grand scale (like big hair) so when it comes to plants-we do Big! Step inside this market and see for yourself… 

If you are ever on St. Simons Island, stop by and meet Joy-she'll be the one putting together gorgeous topiaries!


How To Make a Reclaimed Wood Day Bed

When you have a small garage turned workshop, we are always trying to find ways to use what we have so we can reduce the clutter. As our family has been doing the Less is More Project for the past 20 days, we have all reduced clutter, lighten our loads, slowed down and re-prioritized. We've been storing a lot of project stuff in our garage and we decided it was time to throw it away or use it. So this project build cost us nothing but our time. 


Happy Fall Ya'll

Well, it's almost September and that means the fall season is just around the corner. It actually means for us in southern Savannah, the heat of the summer! We don't really see a pretty change of seasons here like I did growing up in Virginia. It's hot here until the end of September and then things cool down just a bit. The leaves don't begin to change until late November.



Reclaimed wood is all the rage nowadays. We like to call it recycling! We are not ashamed of scouring the dumpsters for pallet wood. Oh, the things you can make out of stuff in the trash!!


3 Ways To Use an Outdoor Deck

Weekend backyard projects are the best. Our backyard is super small and needed some  TLC so with a can of Olympic Elite Woodland Oil and a stack of treated lumber from Lowe's http://www.lowes.com-our minds were racing to all the possibilities of what we could do.


"Less is More Project"

Hey Sisters! I have a question for you this morning….

Have you ever counted how many pens you have in your home? Not pencils and makers but just pens. Well, last night my family and I rounded up as many pens as we could find and the grand total was …. 192 pens in our home. Let's do the math. A family of 4 with 192 pens-let's see that would come to 48 pens per person (Yes, I used a calculator!) Why does one person need 48 pens?? We don't, do we? The point is that we live in a world of excess.


Southern Sisterhood

During this summer break from school, I've been doing some soul searching in hopes of  finding my life rhythm.  I started writing this blog a year ago this month and I'm a little OCD about things so I thought a one year reflection was due.


How to Create Dollar Store Welcome Gifts

How can you create a southern and classy welcome gift from things you find at the local dollar store?  Southern charm doesn't have to be expensive! Southern hospitality is about the heart behind a gift. It's not the size or cost that makes a gift special but the thoughtfulness you express. I love it when I get a little surprise in my mailbox from a neighbor that is simple because it says  "I care." I love to share those little gifts too-what a blessing it is to brighten someone's day by a simple token of kindness.  


How To Turn a Crate into a Chalkboard Box

A simple unfinished wooden crate stared at me for weeks. What to do with it?? I wanted it to be something fun and unique, possibly a gift for my niece that will be coming to visit. So I did a little brainstorming and decided to paint/stain it and then add a little chalkboard message.


Wooden Crate Project & Life Lesson

As an attendee at the Haven Conference in Atlanta, Georgia, Home Depot http://www.homedepot.com so graciously shared wood kits with all of us. I couldn't wait to get home and get in my workshop to put it together.  My little assistant, Kennedy, helped with the project-and as always a life lesson was to be learned.


Beautiful Barn Wedding

Nothing says "Love" like a super cute couple and a barn! I had the honor of attending a very sweet wedding over the weekend. Two of my former students (high school sweethearts) married each other in a beautiful yet simple wedding in Perry, Georgia.

The Green Bell Bed and Barn is a unique farm out in the country that provides a beautiful setting for weddings. It's like a step back in time to a simpler life when family gathered together on the farm.http://www.greenbellbedandbarn.com


Coastal Living Space- The BIG Reveal

Wow! This was one awesome project. It was my first big project with multiple rooms and I loved every minute of it. Mandi Gunn and her family allowed me to come in their home and create a coastal living space for them. Mandi knew what she wanted and she was open to new ideas as well. It was a true joy to watch these rooms be transformed into a cozy family space. They have three kids and Mandi said the kids just love this space and hang out in there all the time. That's what we were hoping for them to do. I appreciate Mandi and her family and the wonderful adventure we have been on since March.  


How to Make a Reclaimed Wood Whale

"Whale", it's about time I put something new on my blog. This was a super dee duper fun project with the hubby! Actually it was power tool school for me. My philosophy on the power tool thing-if the hubby is so talented in that area why deprive him of that honor to show case his skills, right? My sorry excuse for not really wanting to do it but I'm always a student so new skills are required every now and again. My Savannah client wanted a reclaimed wood whale for the huge blankness behind her sofa. No problem, I can do that-I mean I haven't done it before but it can't be that hard. And it wasn't-it was actually lots of fun and I'm taking orders for more creatures, like a sea turtle for my neighbor-I may have to make myself one too!


How to Turn a Junky Closet into a Home Office

We have a double door closet that is the home to our "junky office." Things got thrown in there and the clutter began to climb the walls.  Thank goodness we could shut the doors on this mess! But, I like things to be organized and functional and I knew what was behind those closed doors. Since it's the summer, I wanted to get some extra projects done before school starts back. So, this closet makeover became a priority project. With any project I do, there always seems to be a little life lesson to be learned. Sometimes our lives can become like a cluttered closet and we just want to shut the doors.


"Be Your Own Kind Of Beautiful"

I like to go to our local Dollar Tree and browse around and have creative moments. I usually do this when I don't have the kids with me and I'm not in a hurry. I walk the aisles looking at everything and hoping something will jump out at me and say, "make something with me." Well, today I found this adorable little self adhesive wall quote, so thus a little project and life lesson unfolded.


Mondays with Mammy

Happy Monday! My daughter has been in the kitchen again trying out some of Mammy's original recipes. Well, some recipes are wonderful and some just aren't good. You know how when you find that super duper recipe on Pinterest that sounds and looks so good but after making it -it tastes awful. Well, this week's blog is about a little recipe that just didn't taste all that great.


Coastal Living Space Transformation: PART 2


This cottage style home is currently under "construction"- decorating construction that is. The walls have been painted and furniture selection is under way. Using things, my clients already has is one way to save on expenses. Take a look around at our progress!


How to Make a Bench Using Chairs

Do you have extra chairs and don't have a clue what to do with them?
 Well, here's a quick solution- make a bench!


Inspired Wall Decor

I've only been blogging for about nine months and it has really opened a new world for me. The wonderful blogs I get to read and the new people I meet are just a few of the blessings. It's cool how everyone encourages and shares ideas. Today's blog is about something I saw on someone's blog and just had to try it in my own home.


Coastal Living Space Transformation: PART 1

Come on over and check out this amazing transformation. With a little elbow grease, repurposing furniture, freshly painted walls and some fun family decor- see how we took this living space and turned it into a coastal oasis. Notice the wall paper mural- it doesn't go with the coastal theme we wanted! 


Mondays with Mammy

"Sweetie Lee", also known as Mammy ,was my husband's great grandmother. She was a matriarch of the family. She loved her family and loved for them to gather around the table. In honor of Mammy and my daughter's love for cooking, I will be hosting a series each week called Mondays with Mammy. Mackenzie Leigh, my daughter, will be dishing up something out of the family recipe book each week. My mouth is already watering for the next recipe!


Vintage Trailer Decor Photo Journal: PART 2

Vintage Trailers are the neatest little things to decorate! As I toured these trailers, the creativity of the owners shone through in their little travel homes. Welcome to PART 2 of the photo journal. Today, you will see more decor and how the owners take it outside of their trailers creating more living space.