Christmas Eve Joy

Christmas Eve is my favorite day of the season. It's a day of anticipation for the excitement to come! It's  a day that we really enjoy as a family. We take time to slow down and do whatever unfolds during the hours. Today, we made cookies and sausage balls-we created a gingerbread house-we took a ride in the truck out in the country-we stayed in our pajamas as long as we wanted-no rushing around. We'll attend a candlelight service at church tonight. Later we will eat seafood and watch "White Christmas." We breathe! In life we need to just breathe! Not be in a hurry, no being stressed about this or that, just breathe the air that God breathed into us. I love the stillness of this day-quiet joy that flutters in our hearts. Through a child's eyes, it's the anticipation of the gifts under the tree. For me as an adult I still love to experience that child wonder as I watch my kids' excitement. That child wonder still lives in my heart because I don't anticipate gifts (but I do like them)- it's the Gift that is so unfathomable to me. Can any of us say we could give the ultimate gift of life? Could we sacrifice our lives for another? There is no gift that can be bought, wrapped and given more precious than what God gave us-Jesus.
Emmanuel- "God with us". 

Ann Voskamp writes it so beautifully, " What God ever came so tender we could touch Him? So fragile that we could break Him? So vulnerable that His bare, beating heart could be hurt? Only the One who loves you to death. It cost Him everything to be with you. Who will spend a fraction of time just to be with Him? Who wants the gift of His presence?"

(From her book-The Greatest Gift)

Anticipation-the expectation of something to come. That's what today is about-the anticipation of a Savior. A small baby born so humbly on this human earth just because He loved me! That's why I love Christmas Eve. I love that the Savior was coming-He came and will come again. How about you? What are you anticipating this season? Be still and just breathe.

Many blessings and peace to you and your family.


Here are some special things I enjoy on Christmas Eve-what joys do you find during the day?

Baking with my kids. These cookie cutters
are the ones my mom used with me and my siblings
when we were children.
Our tradition of drawing names for each
other's stockings and filling them
with the special things we bought and made.
Frosty cold windows this morning.
The best oranges from Pittman and Davis-Thanks Mom!
Fragrant Christmas candles burning.
Sausage balls baking.
Candles that will be lit at church tonight.

Christmas dishes-we only see them once a year.
A Christmas Eve service at church
 really sets the tone for Christmas!
Every year we make a gingerbread house together-
we added a room on this year.
Presents wrapped and awaiting their receivers.
Azaleas blooming in December-only in the South.
Reading the Christmas story.
Each year we purchase balloons to send to Jesus.
We stand in the yard and sing Happy Birthday then release them.
 We've done this since the girls were little and they still
love to do it even at ages 15 and 11.