REPURPOSE-Philippians 1:6

Well, it's been a busy weekend! I got news on Friday that my booth partner was moving out of the store and the space was all mine. It was exciting but overwhelming all together. I like to think of it as a door being opened for my business to grow. The deal with our booth was that my friend would bring in the big furniture and I would just fill in the space with smaller furniture and small items. The store owner moved me to another booth off to the side that was a little less in rent since I would be alone but the booth space is actually huge!!! So here's the problem-what am I going to put in the new space??? Mel and I met at the store Friday night and moved all of the stuff into the new booth space. It was quite scarce and it bothered me that the space looked so minimal because it reflects my business name. After dinner and some thrift store picking we headed home to stand in our garage and ponder what to do. With only a handful of bigger pieces to repurpose-we jumped right into action. Saturday we traveled to Glennville, GA about an hour away to visit the cutest store-Cotton Creek Home. There we met Anna Hodges-the cutest young lady I have ever met. She was super nice, friendly and even shared painting tips and tricks with me while we were there. She's a former school teacher that decided a career change was needed. Her love for painting and junk inspired her to open a store and offer specialty paints and classes. I purchased the Ce Ce Caldwell's chalk paint. It's absolutely wonderful paint and easy to use! We spent only a short time in Glennville but felt like we had spent the morning back in our hometown of Virginia. We passed cows, peanut fields and lots of cotton as we drove there. The quaint small town was slow and peaceful-no hustle and bustle of city life.

After returning home, the work really began. Mel started repairing furniture and I started painting. It was  team work at its' best. Mel even tried his hand at painting and I have to say-he's quite the artist! The Ce Ce Caldwell paint is great because it goes on super smooth and creamy. As it dries it becomes chalky to the touch. I put the Endurance finish over the chalk paint after it had dried over night. Done! That's all you have to do-the Endurance is a liquid type wax that comes up so beautifully. No buffing or any extra steps before the final finish. The color just pops with a little shine to it. We completed a table and chair, a small cabinet on casters, several frames and repaired several pieces of furniture over the weekend. I was able to take a lot of stuff to the store today. The booth is still a little sparse but once we get the bigger pieces in, it will be full to the brim. So, now I can breathe! I know it will take time to get it looking like I want it to and getting our inventory built up will come with lots of hours spent on the weekends repurposing. I have been in business for about a month now and it's a great feeling to know that people like what I am selling. Treasures is a great store in a great location-lots of traffic coming in and out of the store. The store owner has great hours and has done an awesome job keeping the store fresh and full.

I am so thankful for the opportunity to start this business and to have a place to sell our projects. I love helping my friends decorate their homes and repurpose furniture for them as well. I want to continue to blog about our business so that maybe our adventure can help others pursue their dreams.

I thought about the word "repurpose". What does it mean? It means: "the reason for which something exists or is made, done or used; an intended or desired result or goal; determination." This spoke volumes to me. God is repurposing me. He has a desired goal for my life. He takes me right now the way I am and sands off the chipping paint, removes the oily smudges and then He paints me a beautiful bright color. Like the furniture we repurpose -we take dirty, old and worn items that have been discarded and we see the beauty in each piece. We see it's potential and it's worth! Doesn't God do that for us? Yes, He takes our sinful lives, our broken hearts, the bitterness and jealousy we harbor. He see our potential and our worth even when others can't see it. So nothing I do is without a life lesson from my Savior. He teaches me daily to take every moment on purpose-every step, every encounter, every word spoken, everything is on purpose for Him! I joyfully write this blog to you and I joyfully "repurpose" furniture. I'm creating something new out of something old-not just physically as with furniture but with each day. Live today for your Creator! And live with a purpose!

Philippians 1:6
"And I am sure of this, that he who began a good work in you will bring it to completion at the day of Jesus Christ."

Main Street Glennville

We found a thrift store!!

This is my favorite saying when I find a deal!

Lots of different finishes with the CeCe Caldwell paints.

A project completed for a friend.


AFTER-small brown cabinet "repurposed"

Mel's awesome creation!

The new booth space at Treasures

Loving this new creation-chalkboard tins.

Pricing everything takes a long time!

We need some bigger pieces to really fill the space.

Kennedy doing school at the store and such a great helper too!