Spotlight: The Jones Home

When I was traveling through Macon, GA,  I had the honor of staying with my dear friends, Scott and Allison Jones. Scott and Allison have such a beautiful home that I asked them if I could feature them on my blog. They agreed and I am thrilled because Scott has such an eye for design and decor. He's not afraid to try new things and he can pretty much do anything in the house. I took a few pictures of their home and I want to share them with you. They both have such southern charm as well as hospitality and it's reflected in the warmth of their home. Thanks Scott and Allison for the B & B!

This is my favorite spot in their house-their screened in porch. It's such a fun place to sit and relax! I miss hanging out there with my friend, Allison.


The Kneeling Santa

" so that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow in heaven and on earth and under the earth, and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is LORD, to the glory of God the Father."
Philippians 2:10-11

Many, many years ago when I was a little girl only 12 years old, someone very close to me died. His name was Matthew. He was my first cousin and only 6 years old. He died suddenly with spinal meningitis. My aunt and uncle were clearly devastated as was the rest of our family and friends. My aunt was an art teacher at a local high school so she appreciated many beautiful things. I remember one Christmas after Matthew's death, her students gave her the most beautiful gift- a kneeling Santa. She treasured this gift in many ways but especially because it reminded her of our Savior. My aunt was an amazing Christian woman. The figurine she received was much larger than this one but it was the first time I had ever seen Santa and Jesus together at Christmas for one purpose. The devil would certainly want us to be distracted from the real meaning of the season but this small example brings it all into perspective. Through the years I searched for a Kneeling Santa but it was something I just didn't see in stores.  About two years ago I found this one and a storybook to go with it. I love this symbol of why we need a Savior and our place before the throne is on our knees! Even though our family does not participate in the fun Santa story at Christmas, we do acknowledge a wonderful Christian servant named Saint Nicholas. He being a servant kneeling before a baby that would one day become Savior of the world grabs my heart every time I look at this small stature. Jesus became a servant before he became our Savior. A lesson in humility for me is always welcome and needed. Let us all bow on our knees and acknowledge Jesus as Savior. Be reminded that our place is on our knees and Jesus is the one on the holy throne. As you celebrate this Christmas season reflect on what it means to be a servant. Like Saint Nicholas, he served secretly as not to gain glory but to give the glory where it belonged -to God. Serve faithfully everyday not just at Christmas and give all the glory to the one who so rightly deserves it, Jesus Christ!

Keep the SON shining,


A Country Christmas

It's finished! Our home is completely decorated for Christmas (well, the outside is not quite finished-but that's another blog day). This is super early for us but with Thanksgiving being a few days later than usual and wanting to get it on the blog-we had to succumb to an early start. It has been fun but overwhelming at times. I think I was putting too much pressure on myself because of wanting to share it with you all and feeling everything had to be perfect. But my decorating motto is simple design for simple living. So it's simply decorated to add just enough Christmas spirit and cheer that our home invites others in for some hot chocolate. So grab a mug of that hot frothy stuff and take a stroll through our home. Merry Christmas!!

The reason we celebrate the season!
It's the BIGGEST birthday party in the world!

My chalkboard was an old mirror I found at the thrift 
store for $5. I cleaned the mirror and painted chalkboard
 paint right over the mirror. I then painted the frame
 with Annie Sloan duck egg blue chalk paint. 

Our Advent area- a candle will be lit each
 Sunday in December prior to Christmas.

The children (and myself) have tons of Christmas 
children's books. I put them all in 
a basket so everyone can grab a book 
or two for reading throughout the season. 
It's like unwrapping a gift when we pull 
out all of the books we haven't seen in a year.

Mercury glass is my absolute favorite!! I love the
old metallic look. My kids call me "Dory" from
Finding Nemo because I like shiny things!

I made the plaid garland from a set of
 blank not cards I purchased at
Michael's for a $1.I hot glued them onto
 twine and it adds a little color to the
natural motif in the windows.

It's our tradition to put out all
of the Nutcrackers. My girls get so excited 

when we pull them out of the box with 
each having a special story.

Fresh and natural greenery from our woods.
On this particular trip, my youngest ran up on
a small Diamondback Rattlesnake that was so
 hidden in the leaves she almost got bitten.

Welcome to our home!

Simple fresh greens and "fake"
 berries from the Dollar Tree store-
can't tell it's not real, can you?

I have bought fresh natural looking
wreaths for years. I have to give it to
 Lowe's, these wreaths have lasted and made
it through several house moves.

This is an extra special tradition we started this year. Ann Voskamp has written a new book (daily devotion) for the Christmas season, "The Greatest Gift"-Unwrapping the full love story of Christmas. She takes us back to the beginning with a look at Jesus' genealogy. It deeply explains not just the birth of Christ but the importance of His birth. It's called a Jesse Tree or Advent Tree. It's a great celebration of Jesus' heritage through the scriptures starting in Genesis. We are working on adding a scripture verse for each day during December to put on the tree and reading the daily devotion . Check out her website at www.annvoskamp.com

This was my fun purchase this year.
Yes it's a buckshot, empty of course.
 I found these little beauties at
 a yard sale during the summer.
I just couldn't resist putting
 them on the tree.

I love the nature inside but also the nature
 I see outside. We are wrapped in trees and
 God's beauty while our home is tucked back in the woods.

Adding a little homage to our childhood-
these are me and Mel's childhood stockings.

 Wonder if Santa will fill them up this year? 
I look at them and remember back to that

child like excitement that Christmas

 brought each year.

It's our cozy little home!

I think everyone likes to sit in their cozy den with the Christmas tree lights on and rest or read a good book or simply sit quietly. There is something about the lights on a tree that brings peace to a home. It represents a quiet stillness before God.

It reminds me to stop and reflect on our Savior! I think the tree is the most important decoration at Christmas besides the nativity. Everyone's tree is different and holds so many stories special to their family. Family is about God too. He created people and He created groups of people for a reason. It's the love a family brings to one another that is rooted in Christ's birth.

I hope you enjoyed the Christmas Home Tour. I will be posting more Christmas decorating tips throughout the coming weeks. A little word of advice-don't over think it-keep it simple and meaningful! Remember the reason for the season is to slow down and reflect on our Savior! Blessings to you and your family!



Fall in Savannah

Well, I spent the entire day in Savannah today. It's not a bad thing to do! It was actually quite relaxing and fun. I was alone so I had the day to do whatever I wanted. Of course I had the camera with me. Fall is starting to slowly happen here in the South. I did find a few trees starting to turn into bright colors. The sun was shining and the homes were just beautiful. I hit a few of my favorite stores like Paris Market and Matty's. The city was alive with people because of the 10th annual Savannah Children's Book Festival and the Savannah Food and Wine Festival. A lot of stores were having their Christmas open houses as well. It was a great day of exploring!

Byrd's Cookie Company
Best cookies in the world!!

Paris Market does it right at the holidays!! Everyone was pouring into the store just to see the decorations.

Mercury glass-my favorite!!

Love the cow wreath hanging on the wall!

Matty's at Waters and Washington Avenue


Fall Picking (Junking)

Well, apparently it's fall everywhere but Richmond Hill, GA. Our leaves really haven't started changing yet. The weather is wonderful and sunny around 60's-70's each day. That's the thing about living in the south, we don't have a distinctive change of seasons, something I miss from my time raised in Virginia. But, who's complaining-not me! I love the sunshine and the warm afternoons. As for getting into the holiday spirit, the weather does play a significant role in feeling festive. So, I'm struggling a bit to get the Christmas decorations down and just looking to see what I will decorate with this year. But this blog isn't about decorating for Christmas. I thought I would at least pay some homage to the fall season. So I'll share my "fall picking" or what I really was doing- junking!

My daughter and I spent the weekend in Macon, GA which is 3 hours North of Savannah. Definitely a change in seasons there. It was beautiful-trees an array of bold colors and leaves falling down around you. It was sunny but crisp and a great weekend for junking. I didn't find as much as I would have liked to but hey even one small treasure is worth the trip.

She and I visited some wonderful little stores along the way so I've posted some pictures of those stores. I love meeting the people behind the vision and who also share in the joy of junking. I think maybe we fellow junkers are a breed of our own! I didn't take many pictures of what I bought because I have already put them in our booth space to be sold. But I hope you enjoy the weekend junking photos.

Henry's in Bolingbroke-it's the sweetest little country town.
 One of our favorite places when we lived in Macon, GA.

Henry's carried the Annie Sloan chalk paint-
so I stocked up while I was there.

The beautiful fall day in Bolingbroke.

Another fun little shop in Bolingbroke.

Loving all of the Christmas decorations.

One of the coolest places in Forsyth, GA. It's a warehouse full of retired hotel furniture at discounted prices. I can always find a deal there - a piece to repurpose. I bought a metal luggage rack that I will paint and rebind.

Anyone need a lamp??

This is a great place to buy furniture for
 that first apartment or college
 dorm  or even a vacation home.

The warehouse used to be a fabric mill.
It still has it's original paint in some places.
This looks like a duck egg blue to me!

Great chair-not a good price-
had to leave it!

This was a new restaurant in Forsyth
that will be called "the Anvil Room".
 It was the old blacksmith shop in town.
The owners gave me a tour.
It will be opening soon
-still under construction.

Old tools they found when they
started the reconstruction.

Another great store in Forsyth. High Cotton is the perfect name for this store. It was their Christmas open house and boy was it fancy. A piano player, catered food, and gorgeous decor!

Kennedy was thrilled that they had a
Leonardo Da Vinci piece in the store!
He's the subject of her history project
 and science fair inventor this year.

Love the old windows displayed across the wall!

 What I did find along the way was quite interesting. You never know what a good pick will bring. I bought two adorable vintage theater folding chairs. They even have the old tags and original fabric covered seats. I found a great rustic wood lamp that had been painted white. Some of the other items we found were baskets, candle holders, wooden boxes, and silver trays. All of this have been placed in my booth space at Treasures. And yes they are treasures not "junk". Happy Fall Picking or should I say Junking!