Simple Low Cost Decorating Tips

Decorating can be expensive so why not decorate on a budget or no budget at all! You can use things you already have around your home to add a little decorating flair! I love to try and figure out ways I can decorate without spending any money at all. My hubby loves this idea too! Here are a few "free" decorating tricks for your home:

Bring the outdoors in-cut some greenery, branches, flowers, etc from your yard and display in a vase-makes a great centerpiece for your table and adds some height to your table.

Fill a basket with shells or rocks, or anything fun  you might collect. These are special shells we have collected over the years from our many travels.

Have a special quote or verse you just love? Display it in a frame. I made this by typing it on the computer and printing it off-you can use any font or style and create your own art work. I also like to print off old farm pictures in black and white and framing them. It adds charm to our farmhouse style home.

I will use anything for a vase. This is a chemistry measuring gauge-perfect for rooting plants in the kitchen window.

I love hydrangeas. These are from the summer time that I dried out. I let them stay in the vase and dry out completely in their natural form and now they need no watering.

Drop cloth curtain panels. These did cost $10 per drop cloth but you get so much fabric for your money. You can cut them to the length you need and even cut them in half to make 2 panels. Window treatments for $10-can't get any cheaper than that!

Linens-everyone has lots of linens. Use them! Layering a bed makes it more inviting. Use quilts, throw blankets, lots of pillows and layer the bed with what you have. It makes the bed more of a focal point in the room as well. The dog adds a little extra cuteness to the bed-free decor!

Plants-cheap and healthy for the environment. Take some cuttings and root them and then create another plant-no cost!

Pillow covers- I love pillows but buying new pillows all the time is expensive. So I look for pillow covers that have a zipper or envelope opening in the back at thrift stores and yard sales. You can take the covers off of the pillow and wash them. I will bleach the pillow insert if in good condition or use one I already have-this pillow cover was $2.

These are special pieces of wood. They came out of an old smokehouse on our family farm. They have a faint smokey smell and burnt look to them. I just dropped them in a bucket I bought at a yard sale for .10-super cheap!

Again-pillow covers-these were $3 each at the thrift store. I washed them and put them on pillow inserts I already had.

Shoes-Who hates to see shoes strewn all over your porch? I sure do, so I contained the clutter in a galvanized bucket we had in our garage. This bucket sits by our back door.

Trays-corale things into one concise place adding a focal point to any piece of furniture. 

In your kitchen-make a spot for Fido fun. We have a small dog an these are his treats. Fill a cute jar and leave on the counter to add a little cuteness to your kitchen.
 Get those cookbooks out and decorate with them. Stack them up or place in a cookbook holder on your counter-adds a little color and flair to your kitchen-and if you don't cook, putting out a cookbook says to people you are an amazing chef!

Fruit in a bowl or basket adds color and serves as a great centerpiece and it looks yummy! Snack time?
My favorite decorating trick-use a fancy tea cup as your measuring cup in your sugar and flour.
This cup actually measures one cup.
A coffee station can be a beautiful decorative statement on your counter. If you have a tray, place your essentials on it and create a welcoming place for guests to make a cup of coffee while visiting at your table.

These are just a few tricks that I have for decorating on a "free" budget. I would love to hear your ideas-comment on this blog with any tips you may have-let's be creative together!