Burlap and Barn Doors open for business!

Tomorrow is the big sale we have been anticipating! It's the fall clearance sale at Two Women and a Warehouse on Bull Street in Savannah. 54 vendors will be there-mostly dealers from the store selling their goods. This is an exciting time for us because it is our first sale of our many projects we have been working on and it's our first opportunity to get our business name out there. We are anxious because we aren't sure what to expect and we are excited because we could possibly make a little cash. Our kids will be staying at home, so Mel and I have the day together-another reason to be excited!! A day with my good looking man!

Literally we have worked on projects almost everyday for 2 weeks. I hope people like what we have to sell. Here are just a few before and after shots of some of our projects. Also, here are some pictures of the stuff on my back porch ready to be packed in the car. Wish us well, we leave at 5:30 tomorrow morning and head to Savannah. I will post pictures from the sale tomorrow. I'm sure I will see something I want to buy-I love old stuff!!

Yard sale find-

Now a treasure!

From ugly to .....

Beautiful distressed coastal piece.
What in the world will we do with these?

We made trays-took them completely apart and repurposed them.
Some of our sale items-love this chair- I want to keep it!

Stools and benches everywhere-need one?

Love this chair. I want to take my own dining room chairs
and recover the seats with burlap.

The sale stuff- a lot is packed up in boxes.

Handmade trays and lost of mirrors for sale!