It's official!

I am so excited-the booth is finally opened. I'm sharing a booth with a friend at Treasures on Pooler Parkway in Pooler, GA. I've met lots of people in this type of business and everyone has advised me to start with a booth.  Booth sharing is even better because we can both fill it up and keep it full-something that makes the store look better and provides for more inventory to be sold. One day I would love to open my own repurpose /decorating studio. So, today I leaped in with both feet and worked with my friend to get our booth ready for business. Our two businesses are Burlap and Barn Doors (Me) and Katie Bleu Clair (Katie). We both love to refinish and paint furniture and of course decorate! LaDean, the owner of Treasures, is the nicest lady! Her shop is filled with wonderful "treasures" that meet all kinds of style interests. I met some of the other dealers that share in the same love of decorating. It will be nice to bounce ideas off of other people as well as encourage those in the business.  I just got an email that two of my items sold in the store today-the first day!! Wow!! I better get the rest of my projects done and out of the garage and into the store. It's a good feeling to be able to do what I love and share my journey with you on this blog. Happy Decorating!!


Savannah Flea Market Festival

The Big Savannah Flea Market Festival hosted by Two Women and a Warehouse was held today on Bull Street. Today, was absolutely wonderful. Mel and I got up this morning at 4:30 a.m.-packed the car and headed to Bull Street to set up our booth for the big sale. Buyers started arriving before 8:00 a.m. and the selling began! It was great meeting new people, getting advice from dealers and store owners, making some wonderful contacts in the business and just meeting nice Savannah people. We got some great feedback from people in the business and we realized that our booth was showing well and we had items that people really were interested in buying. We sold a lot and even made a new friend that we will hopefully be partnering with at a booth in the Pooler area at a store called Treasures. (More on that later.) Mel and I enjoyed working together and hanging out all day under our tent booth. The biggest hit of the day were Mel's robots! He and my daughter, Kennedy, made robots and creatures out of junk-metal pieces they found at yard sales and thrift stores. Their robots are truly a work of art. I'm so proud of Mel and his vision for art-everyone LOVED the robots and were begging for more. I took lots of pictures and tried to capture the awesome day that unfolded as the sun came up-I'm thankful to the store for hosting such a great event! We will definitely be back next year!

Our booth-set up at 6:00 a.m.

Ladies from Treasures store in Pooler.

This was my favorite piece-it's a tiny chair!

Burlap and Barn Doors open for business!

Our booth

Mel's robots-sold like hotcakes!


Great stuff everywhere-yes I did a little shopping!

This is Lisa from Lisa's Pieces Vintage-she was super cute!

Our sweet neighbors during the sale.

A Guy and a Red Door-beautiful handcrafted furniture from old wood!!

This is Katie Bleu Clair-she's my new friend. She is an amazing artist and her specialty is painted furniture. Her mom made the chickens-I love the chickens!!

Katie and her daughter-check out her shabby chic style at
 KatieBleuClair on Facebook

These are some of Katie's beautiful pieces.

I bought this rocking chair- just like the ones my grandma used to have on her porch.

Here are some of the amazing people we met today:

Shannon Hall: Owner Two Women and a Warehouse
Southern Soul: Rich and Dee Campbell-they have 2 booths at Two Women and a Warehouse
Treasures: 930 Morgans Corner Rd, Pooler, GA 
A Guy a Girl and A Red Door: Chuck Snelling and Mary Ann Worsham (look on Facebook)
Lisa's Pieces Vintage: Facebook.com/VintageExtravanganza
Katie Bleu Clair-on Facebook

Thank you to everyone that stopped by our booth. It was great meeting you! Please email us pictures of how you used the things you bought from us. We would love to see your creativity! Thanks for supporting us as we start our new business! 

Simple Low Cost Decorating Tips

Decorating can be expensive so why not decorate on a budget or no budget at all! You can use things you already have around your home to add a little decorating flair! I love to try and figure out ways I can decorate without spending any money at all. My hubby loves this idea too! Here are a few "free" decorating tricks for your home:

Bring the outdoors in-cut some greenery, branches, flowers, etc from your yard and display in a vase-makes a great centerpiece for your table and adds some height to your table.

Fill a basket with shells or rocks, or anything fun  you might collect. These are special shells we have collected over the years from our many travels.

Have a special quote or verse you just love? Display it in a frame. I made this by typing it on the computer and printing it off-you can use any font or style and create your own art work. I also like to print off old farm pictures in black and white and framing them. It adds charm to our farmhouse style home.

I will use anything for a vase. This is a chemistry measuring gauge-perfect for rooting plants in the kitchen window.

I love hydrangeas. These are from the summer time that I dried out. I let them stay in the vase and dry out completely in their natural form and now they need no watering.

Drop cloth curtain panels. These did cost $10 per drop cloth but you get so much fabric for your money. You can cut them to the length you need and even cut them in half to make 2 panels. Window treatments for $10-can't get any cheaper than that!

Linens-everyone has lots of linens. Use them! Layering a bed makes it more inviting. Use quilts, throw blankets, lots of pillows and layer the bed with what you have. It makes the bed more of a focal point in the room as well. The dog adds a little extra cuteness to the bed-free decor!

Plants-cheap and healthy for the environment. Take some cuttings and root them and then create another plant-no cost!

Pillow covers- I love pillows but buying new pillows all the time is expensive. So I look for pillow covers that have a zipper or envelope opening in the back at thrift stores and yard sales. You can take the covers off of the pillow and wash them. I will bleach the pillow insert if in good condition or use one I already have-this pillow cover was $2.

These are special pieces of wood. They came out of an old smokehouse on our family farm. They have a faint smokey smell and burnt look to them. I just dropped them in a bucket I bought at a yard sale for .10-super cheap!

Again-pillow covers-these were $3 each at the thrift store. I washed them and put them on pillow inserts I already had.

Shoes-Who hates to see shoes strewn all over your porch? I sure do, so I contained the clutter in a galvanized bucket we had in our garage. This bucket sits by our back door.

Trays-corale things into one concise place adding a focal point to any piece of furniture. 

In your kitchen-make a spot for Fido fun. We have a small dog an these are his treats. Fill a cute jar and leave on the counter to add a little cuteness to your kitchen.
 Get those cookbooks out and decorate with them. Stack them up or place in a cookbook holder on your counter-adds a little color and flair to your kitchen-and if you don't cook, putting out a cookbook says to people you are an amazing chef!

Fruit in a bowl or basket adds color and serves as a great centerpiece and it looks yummy! Snack time?
My favorite decorating trick-use a fancy tea cup as your measuring cup in your sugar and flour.
This cup actually measures one cup.
A coffee station can be a beautiful decorative statement on your counter. If you have a tray, place your essentials on it and create a welcoming place for guests to make a cup of coffee while visiting at your table.

These are just a few tricks that I have for decorating on a "free" budget. I would love to hear your ideas-comment on this blog with any tips you may have-let's be creative together!