Repurposed Old Door

This door came out of an old house Mel and I tore down 18 years ago. We were given an old house because it was going to be burned down to make room for a field. The old house sat right in the middle of a field down a long lane. We spent weeks tearing it apart board by board. Over the years we have used the wood to build our cottage in Virginia. We've made furniture, we built cabinets and floors with it. We only have a little of it left because we do not have enough storage for all we would like to keep. This door was the back door of the house. We were going to cut it down and make something but we decided to keep it as a door. It took several hours today to get all the nails out of it and clean it. Apparently, whoever lived in that house had taped plastic over the windows to keep the cold air out during the winter. It even had carpet attached to the bottom of it. I scraped tape off and removed a ton of nails that were all around the window frame. This door is unbelievably heavy and it doesn't even have any glass in it. After bleaching it and scrubbing it-I put it in our guest room that is filled with beach decor. I think it fits in there nicely!

Old hardware-we figure the door to be around 60 years old.

A few of my tools I used on this project.

This side of the door had several layers of paint.
This particular layer just peeled off.

A bucket full of glass, paint, nails and carpet that came off of this door.

This finished product.


 I created a beach room because we live so close to 
several beaches and the intracoastal waterways. 
A beach theme was a must-plus I had a lot of 
blue linens that I needed to use somewhere in the house.