I'm not a hunter! When I say hunter I mean camouflage, deer, tree stands and the winter cold at 4:30 a.m. I tried the deer hunting thing with my husband years ago and it wasn't really my sport. Well, I know that because you can't talk. You have to sit on the cold ground and be still and quiet! What??? You want me to do what? Be still and don't talk. No way. I can watch deer hunting on the TV and actually see a deer because they have skipped through the hours of just sitting out there waiting for one. I'm a different kind of hunter.

I am a thrift store hunter. Almost every Saturday my husband and I journey out to estate sales, yard sales and the thrift stores. We do not have to leave at the crack of down but earlier enough to catch the good stuff. Sometimes we leave around 7:00 a.m. I know our only day to sleep in and we are up and rolling out the door to hunt! We are hunting for cheap stuff for projects that we can repurpose and sell. It's amazing the things we find. We love to find a treasure or trash and brainstorm what we can do with it. We'll stand in a store and brainstorm out loud throwing around ideas. We do get some stares but who cares. It's super fun for us! Our dream is to open a repurpose store. But in the meantime, we are repurposing and reselling from our home. Last week we went to several Goodwill stores and I had the camera. I don't know why I had the camera with me at the thrift store but I was thinking blog! So here's what I captured on my camera.

A $5.00 chair soon to be recovered and sold!

Look at all the junk on the shelves-you have to know what you
are looking for or this mess can be consuming.

Our Goodwill in Richmond Hill is huge and stuff comes and goes super fast!
So if you see something you want buy it on the spot-
it will definitely be gone within the hour.

No clothes shopping today-but I do love to find myself
some clothing deals- I'm not too proud to wear "recycled" clothing.

A few finds at the Richmond Hill Goodwill.

Sometimes the kids get in on the fun! Mel is in a zone.

So much to go through-you have to be in the mood to HUNT!

People leave things out by the drop off centers-that's a no no to take.
It is technically property of Goodwill. 

We found some great finds at the Goodwill in Savannah-all to be repurposed and sold.