Friday Night Lights

Last night was a wonderful evening for porch time! We all sat on the porch listening to the quietness of nature-I mean it was quiet because the construction workers had gone home for the night. But the quietness of nature is the night life that comes alive when the sun starts to go down. I was thinking more like "Friday Night Lights" because of all the shadows the sun makes as it creeps down to the horizon. I love that time of night. Of course, it was a good time of day for taking tons of pictures. I like to capture the simplicity of life through the camera lens. I hope you can see what I see.

Here are a few more fun shots I took last night.

Sweet potato vine is the best plant-it grows full and long-
it fills a space if you need a little extra decoration.

I love this picture-I captured it while I was standing 
outside on the porch looking into the house.

Another favorite-it picks up the flower very
 distinctively and Mackenzie is echoed in the background.