"Crusty Old Bread Box"

The "crusty old bread box" as the tag read when I bought this at an antique store last week. I was drawn to this old thing. It has such character because it is metal and not like the wooden bread boxes of today. It also intrigued me because sometimes I feel like a "crusty old bread box". Life's toils have crusted me over and I'm sitting alone on a shelf waiting. Waiting for my purpose to be rejuvenated and used again. When we let life bog us down-we get crusty. Don's stay crusty! Because the crusty rust will eat a hole right through your heart. Stop the rust before it destroys what is good!

The new "crusty old bread box." With a little love and vision it has the same purpose but with a new attitude. Isn't it just adorable? After I finished it, I had a blonde moment and doubled checked the spelling-probably should have done that before the paint went on. Yes, I spelled it right but when working with words, you can never be too careful. It sits proudly on my counter with a useful purpose unlike when I first saw it and it seemed all used up with nothing left to offer. It decorates my home with  a cottage style and it holds my bread!

Here's the transformation process:
Ready for some TLC!

After sanding it down just a little and cleaning-
the many layers of paint went on.

Valspar-inexpensive and beautiful color line-
but has a very strong odor-wear a mask.

Art paper from the Shop SCAD store-
created by a college student-love it!

My bread is very happy!