Vintage Glider

This is our vintage glider project. There was an old glider that was literally falling apart in a barn back in Virginia. We adopted it and began the tedious work of bringing it back to life! My husband has an incredible eye for fixing things that are in desperate need of repair. I do not have an original photo of the glider but it was ugly-very dark and rusty with turquoise paint peeling off. The rust had eaten through a lot of places and we weren't even sure it could be saved. But my husband took it apart piece by piece. He had it sand blasted to remove the rusty green paint. Thus began the process of repairing it. He added steel rods for extra support in areas that were rusted completely through. He cut off about two inches on both sides of the bench and back parts that were rusted beyond repair. He filled in areas with bonding putty-actually layers of it that took days to set up and dry. After two weeks of repairs-Mel (my husband) primed it with several layers of white primer. Then I got to do the fun part-pick out a paint color. We decided on a light green-blue with white glossy squares. I had the honor of painting it. It took many coats to accomplish the right color. Mel taped off the squares and painted them white. After the third week,  the painting was finished and it was time to reassemble.   Mel with his expertise put it all back together and it looks amazing! We had no idea it would turn out this good. 

I remember sitting on one of these old gliders at my great aunt's house that she kept on her sunroom porch. My aunt's glider had the plastic seat cushions and plastic pillows. You know the 1970's yellow and lime green plastic fabric. This glider is still vintage but with an updated look. I hope you enjoy the transformation pictures.

The glider after it was sand blasted.

Mel cutting off the rusted sides.

Reinforcements everywhere

Blue paint

After it's been primed

You can see where the rust literally ate through the metal.

Ready for assembly

Mel hard at work getting it back together.

We could not sit on it until all the parts were assembled.

The finished product

Come and sit awhile!