Afternoon in Savannah

My girls go to a one day a week homeschool academy in Savannah. We call it Tuesday School. I usually hang out for awhile and get some paperwork done then I'm off to explore for the afternoon. Today I was on a mission. I drove to one of my favorite stores in Savannah, Two Women and a Warehouse. It's a super fun store with lots of little booths and very creative people selling awesome items. I bought a "crusty old bread box"-that's exactly what it said on the tag. (I'll show it to you later-that's a DIY project).

Next I went in search of food! Of course there are lots of choices in Savannah but I decided to head straight down Bull Street until it hit Forsyth Park-there was a neat little restaurant on the corner-"Betty Bombers". It's in the old American Legion building. It's a place in honor of the Savannah Bomber Squad that fought in WWII. Lots of memorabilia and truly a step back in time. It was awesome! Mackenzie will love-I must take her there. Even the cute little waitress was totally vintage. The food was amazing. It was a quiet little hole in the wall and not very crowded-only open for lunch and I had missed the noon time crowd. The waitress let me take lots of pictures and I even got one of her.

She had a cute little vintage black hat on-
can't see it in this picture-
she was adorable!
After leaving this fun place, I walked around a bit just to see what I could see. I had my camera with me so of course there is always a photo opportunity when in the city.

These were the brightest purple berries I have ever seen
 with hot pink flowers blooming on them.

The entrance to Forsyth Park

It was time for me to head back so I drove back down Bull Street. I have to say this is one of my favorite streets. There are so many eclectic places and people. It is quite a busy place. Organic restaurants, tattoo parlors, thrift shops, antique stores, SCAD coffee shops, and much more. BUT, my ultimate favorite place on Bull Street is Back in the Day Bakery. It became popular after being on the Food Network and have an incredible cookbook. If you are ever in Savannah, please go there. You will not be disappointed. It's very VINTAGE! There style is very cute and artsy but old fashioned. I love the decor but the food is what makes me stop every time I drive down Bull Street. I recommend the Lavender Sugar cookies or my fav- the Mexican Hot Chocolate cookies. These cookies will make your heart skip a beat-literally mine does because they have a little expresso in them. There cupcakes are to die for and the fresh baked bread is super yummy! Okay, so everything is super yummy in the Back in the Day Bakery. I highly recommend it!

Marshmallow chandelier

 So, there you have it! A simple afternoon in Savannah. Only three places and oh what fun!  I didn't spend a lot and I enjoyed the Savannah city vibe! I'm so blessed to live here-even though we live 30 minutes South of Savannah, I still call Savannah my home. It was always a favorite place to visit with my family and now we live here. So many more places to explore, maybe next week I will post about a new adventure. I can be your travel guide-kind of like "Tour Guide Barbie"-(don't you just hate Barbie-she can do everything).