My daughter was obliviously born in the wrong era. She loves the 1940's and would travel back in time to be a part of that old fashioned lifestyle. An era when the ladies wore dresses with hats and matching purses. The men were truly gentlemen always extending a hand to help a lady cross the street. A time when the woman was the home maker and the man was the bread winner. The simplicity of life is what captures her attention. Wouldn't it be great if we could all appreciate the simplicity of life? 

She loves History! Pearl Harbor is a hobby of hers. An avid collector of World War II books and memorabilia-somewhow her bedroom became a step back in time. I love how she highlights the war throughout her room and captures the essence of being a "vintage girl." Take a look for yourself!

Her latest find- a 1941 newspaper from the day after the attack on Pearl Harbor.

This was her little red wagon when she was a kid- her daddy turned it into a precious shelf for her room.

The many war books she collects along with Rosie the Riveter .

Simple drop cloth curtains cut to fit her window.

Her favorite poster of a woman supporting her man in the war.