Someone Else's Trash is "My" Treasure

My latest project is a cute little table that was left on the side of the road in historic downtown Savannah. As we drove by, I screamed for my husband to stop-almost throwing us all through the wind shield, he had spotted the great little table too. Junkers we are at heart and free stuff by the road is like a diamond in the rough! I jumped out and threw it in the back of the SUV in a record 10 seconds. You have to be fast when stopped on the street in Savannah because you will get run over by crazy drivers. As we journeyed home, my mind was racing as to what this little beauty would become.

Our garage is not a garage you would park a car in, however it is a workshop filled with paint, furniture, stuff, and more stuff. It's a place of refuge for my husband and I. Actually the kids like to get out there too and create! It's more like a creation station. So off to work I began. Chalk paint is the best thing ever to be invented and I make my own. It's simple and easy and completely CHEAP!

There are lots of chalk paint recipes online and videos to show you how to use it. You don't have to buy the expensive stuff or take a class to get the same look.

On this table I used a gray/blue color with a light brown wax. I left the wax a little heavy so you can see the wipe marks to give it an aged washed out look. I installed an old faucet knob as the drawer pull and there you have it.

It didn't cost me a thing but a little time and elbow grease.