Remembering the past...

These graves were at a small church outside of Savannah. I love to photograph old cemeteries. I like to think about the people. What were they like? Who were they? What did they enjoy most out of life? Were they Christians? Were they happy? Some of the graves I saw today were dated in the 1700's. That's hundreds of years ago- what will people say about our graves 300 years from today? Will we be remembered or forgotten?  My youngest daughter is writing a journey of an American Girl in 2013. She's hoping someone will find it 300 years from now and they will be able to understand what life was like for us in 2013. Little things we take for granted can be huge discoveries for someone in the future. 

How will you make an impact on this year 2013? What legacies will you lay for others? Think about the future of tomorrow. Make a difference today!