Porch Breezes

Finally, the afternoon heat has slowly drifted away with the rolling in of storm clouds making my porch a heavenly place to be! Come and sit awhile. The ceiling fans are whirling around making a slight hum that relaxes the soul. Silence is what I hear and cool breezes are what I feel on my face. It's wonderful! A step back in time to my grandma's porch. Her porch was a long old porch on the side of her 4000 square foot house-the home place of ancestors past. Her porch lending enough room for six white wooden rockers all in a line beckoning the weary to sit a spell. Oh, how I remember those days except I wasn't always sitting. I was either walking on the white picket fence that enclosed the hog farm or I was doing cartwheels under the hundred year old oak tree in the yard. The lazy days of summer are what I remember so vividly about my grandma's farm. Through the years I have yearned for that porch, time and time again.  I finally have a little porch that brings me as much pleasure as those that I spent at my grandma's home. 

When we were looking for a house we all wanted a farm house and land but my biggest wish was a "dog trot". Anyone know what that is?? Well, I'll let you in on a little history. Dog trots were built into old homes like my grandma's because there was no central air conditioning. It was the hallway or foyer from the front door to the back door that when both doors were opened-a wonderful breeze would flow through the hallway (foyer) creating a breeze that was so delicious on a hot day! It got the name of being a dog trot because the farm dogs (and children) would run through the house because the doors were open. A dog trot!! That's such a neat little tidbit of history.  Well, we found a house and it was everything I could dream of and at the time I wasn't really thinking about a dog trot. After moving in, I had an "ah ha" moment. One that almost brought me to tears. We had the back door open to our porch and the front door open because we were moving furniture into the house. A breeze began to stir because both doors were opened- I screamed "dog trot." My family realizing how dramatic I am figured I was having another one of those mama moments (hormonal) and ignored me. I screamed again, "we have a dog trot!" My husband quickly realized what I was saying and yes we do have a dog trot. So I did get all that I wished for in this house-perfection!!