Okay I am addicted to Pinterest-who isn't? Well, I happened to find how you can make your own mercury glass. It's super fun and the finished product is awesome! I like trying new things. After breaking one of the vases on accident, I finally got one that looked like the old mercury glass from the late 1840's. I used Krylon Looking Glass spray paint, vinegar and water. It took me about 30 minutes to complete the project. You just have to experiment and watch some "how to" tutorials.  Then you can decide how you want to do it. I cleaned the vase first. Then I sprayed the glass paint in the inside of the vase-it dries pretty quick. It can be a bit runny so spray lightly and roll the vase in your hand as you spray to give it an even coat. Then I sprayed a vinegar/water solution inside and dabbed various spots with a napkin giving it that chipped appearance. And that's it! Super easy!