Porch Breezes

Finally, the afternoon heat has slowly drifted away with the rolling in of storm clouds making my porch a heavenly place to be! Come and sit awhile. The ceiling fans are whirling around making a slight hum that relaxes the soul. Silence is what I hear and cool breezes are what I feel on my face. It's wonderful! A step back in time to my grandma's porch. Her porch was a long old porch on the side of her 4000 square foot house-the home place of ancestors past. Her porch lending enough room for six white wooden rockers all in a line beckoning the weary to sit a spell. Oh, how I remember those days except I wasn't always sitting. I was either walking on the white picket fence that enclosed the hog farm or I was doing cartwheels under the hundred year old oak tree in the yard. The lazy days of summer are what I remember so vividly about my grandma's farm. Through the years I have yearned for that porch, time and time again.  I finally have a little porch that brings me as much pleasure as those that I spent at my grandma's home. 

When we were looking for a house we all wanted a farm house and land but my biggest wish was a "dog trot". Anyone know what that is?? Well, I'll let you in on a little history. Dog trots were built into old homes like my grandma's because there was no central air conditioning. It was the hallway or foyer from the front door to the back door that when both doors were opened-a wonderful breeze would flow through the hallway (foyer) creating a breeze that was so delicious on a hot day! It got the name of being a dog trot because the farm dogs (and children) would run through the house because the doors were open. A dog trot!! That's such a neat little tidbit of history.  Well, we found a house and it was everything I could dream of and at the time I wasn't really thinking about a dog trot. After moving in, I had an "ah ha" moment. One that almost brought me to tears. We had the back door open to our porch and the front door open because we were moving furniture into the house. A breeze began to stir because both doors were opened- I screamed "dog trot." My family realizing how dramatic I am figured I was having another one of those mama moments (hormonal) and ignored me. I screamed again, "we have a dog trot!" My husband quickly realized what I was saying and yes we do have a dog trot. So I did get all that I wished for in this house-perfection!!


Another Thrift Store Find...



The mirror cost me $9 at the thrift store (Goodwill). It's old because it is very heavy and has an old wood back covering. Most newer mirrors are not the heavy solid lead mirrors. I painted it with some chalk paint I already had on hand. I decided to hang it in this little space because the mirror needed an area of its own. I didn't want to hang it on an open wall and then have to add decorative pieces around it to fill the space. I think the extras would have detracted from the beauty of the mirror. When you can, find a piece that fits into its own special place allowing it to make a statement on its own. 

Simple Decorating!


My daughter was obliviously born in the wrong era. She loves the 1940's and would travel back in time to be a part of that old fashioned lifestyle. An era when the ladies wore dresses with hats and matching purses. The men were truly gentlemen always extending a hand to help a lady cross the street. A time when the woman was the home maker and the man was the bread winner. The simplicity of life is what captures her attention. Wouldn't it be great if we could all appreciate the simplicity of life? 

She loves History! Pearl Harbor is a hobby of hers. An avid collector of World War II books and memorabilia-somewhow her bedroom became a step back in time. I love how she highlights the war throughout her room and captures the essence of being a "vintage girl." Take a look for yourself!

Her latest find- a 1941 newspaper from the day after the attack on Pearl Harbor.

This was her little red wagon when she was a kid- her daddy turned it into a precious shelf for her room.

The many war books she collects along with Rosie the Riveter .

Simple drop cloth curtains cut to fit her window.

Her favorite poster of a woman supporting her man in the war.


A New Way to Display Your Pictures

This was the ugliest lamp shade I had ever seen. It had plastic ribbon wrapping the frame and it was quite old as the material was disintegrating. I pulled off the plastic covering to expose this awesome metal frame. Flipping it over, I considered what I could make out of it. Voila-a place for pictures! I stained some cheap clothespins and attached some of my favorite black and white pictures of the girls. I only wish I had taken a before picture for you to see the transformation. 

Lamp shade: $3 (bought the entire lamp for $3)
Clothespins: $1 for 50
Pictures: Priceless!


Remembering the past...

These graves were at a small church outside of Savannah. I love to photograph old cemeteries. I like to think about the people. What were they like? Who were they? What did they enjoy most out of life? Were they Christians? Were they happy? Some of the graves I saw today were dated in the 1700's. That's hundreds of years ago- what will people say about our graves 300 years from today? Will we be remembered or forgotten?  My youngest daughter is writing a journey of an American Girl in 2013. She's hoping someone will find it 300 years from now and they will be able to understand what life was like for us in 2013. Little things we take for granted can be huge discoveries for someone in the future. 

How will you make an impact on this year 2013? What legacies will you lay for others? Think about the future of tomorrow. Make a difference today!



Okay I am addicted to Pinterest-who isn't? Well, I happened to find how you can make your own mercury glass. It's super fun and the finished product is awesome! I like trying new things. After breaking one of the vases on accident, I finally got one that looked like the old mercury glass from the late 1840's. I used Krylon Looking Glass spray paint, vinegar and water. It took me about 30 minutes to complete the project. You just have to experiment and watch some "how to" tutorials.  Then you can decide how you want to do it. I cleaned the vase first. Then I sprayed the glass paint in the inside of the vase-it dries pretty quick. It can be a bit runny so spray lightly and roll the vase in your hand as you spray to give it an even coat. Then I sprayed a vinegar/water solution inside and dabbed various spots with a napkin giving it that chipped appearance. And that's it! Super easy!


Someone Else's Trash is "My" Treasure

My latest project is a cute little table that was left on the side of the road in historic downtown Savannah. As we drove by, I screamed for my husband to stop-almost throwing us all through the wind shield, he had spotted the great little table too. Junkers we are at heart and free stuff by the road is like a diamond in the rough! I jumped out and threw it in the back of the SUV in a record 10 seconds. You have to be fast when stopped on the street in Savannah because you will get run over by crazy drivers. As we journeyed home, my mind was racing as to what this little beauty would become.

Our garage is not a garage you would park a car in, however it is a workshop filled with paint, furniture, stuff, and more stuff. It's a place of refuge for my husband and I. Actually the kids like to get out there too and create! It's more like a creation station. So off to work I began. Chalk paint is the best thing ever to be invented and I make my own. It's simple and easy and completely CHEAP!

There are lots of chalk paint recipes online and videos to show you how to use it. You don't have to buy the expensive stuff or take a class to get the same look.

On this table I used a gray/blue color with a light brown wax. I left the wax a little heavy so you can see the wipe marks to give it an aged washed out look. I installed an old faucet knob as the drawer pull and there you have it.

It didn't cost me a thing but a little time and elbow grease.