Simplicity of life

Welcome to Burlap and Barn Doors. This blog is about the home-simple living. It's not just about the physical house we live in but the family that lives here too. I invite you to share with me in celebrating the home. A place of simplicity, laughter, peacefulness and love. I hope this blog will inspire you to celebrate your home in its physical appearance (decorating on a budget) and the simple life (family). Take a peek at our home and the family that lives here.  Share in our journey through the years and what's happening in our lives today. I promise it will be full of laughter and sometimes tears-but what life doesn't have a little of both. Maybe you will grab a nugget or two that you can use in your home. I not only want to write about our family but I want to share decorating ideas. I hope you will share ideas with me as well. My passion is decorating, a career path I didn't choose and wish I had. But its a hobby I am passionate about and I want to share it with you. Our family is just a family. No bells and whistles, no millionaires, no celebrities here, just a humble little family living the SIMPLE life and enjoying every minute!! 

Step inside and take a peek...............

Well, it's been about 6 weeks since we moved into our new home. Fresh paint, clean cabinets, new fixtures, fresh new carpet, new appliances, new landscaping, everything is new and fresh. It's a great feeling to have a clean slate to work with when starting a new life in a new area. A brand new canvas to paint life on! Not everyone gets to start over and we are blessed with yet another adventure. MOVING- its a part of our family's vocabulary. We left Virginia in 2005, our home of 34 years, and have lived in 3 different homes and a short period in an apartment. We now live in our 4th new home. It's kind of neat because this house is a combination of all of our homes since we've been married. I love how God can bring us full circle. And full circle is where we feel we have journeyed so far. Little did we know that when we got married 17 years ago that our lives would involve leaving our family behind in Virginia and moving to Hattiesburg, MS for a year. Then as God would lead, we left MS and moved to Macon, GA where our family "bus" was parked for 6 years. New places, people, events, schools, friends, church families, coworkers and adventures have filled our last 8 years. I could literally write a book. Maybe that's why I'm blogging. It's time to share and a time to sort through it all so we can begin the next chapter in the Bass Family novel. I would like to begin with a little funny story that we still laugh about today. I'm smiling as I write this. We lived on a 13 acre farm in Virginia in a rural area and anything goes out in "the country." When we moved to Hattiesburg, MS into a neighborhood, our dogs didn't even know how to handle living in a neighborhood let alone the kids. The girls were 2 and 7 and full of sheer excitement of being on this crazy adventure with their mom and dad. After a LONG plane ride to MS with the girls, we were all exhausted. So, we began our new adventure in our new home with no furniture except lawn chairs and air mattresses. This is fun right?-sure for the first 2 days then it wears off real quick especially with little kids. A coworker of Mel's lived in our neighborhood and they realized the girls were a little bored waiting for the moving truck to arrive with all of our stuff. So they brought over a kids sprinkler for the girls to play with in the yard. It's Mississippi in May and it's hot already down south. While Mel and I are cleaning the house, we noticed the girls are extremely quiet-not sure what's up. Thinking they are playing in the BACK yard with the sprinkler, we notice two little naked girls in the FRONT yard playing in the sprinkler. That's right the front yard in a neighborhood with neighbors all around us and our country girls have taken off their bathing suits an are splashing in the sprinkler naked or "necked" (as we say) as two jay birds with no care in the world. Mortified, we scramble to get them in the house quickly before we are dubbed the Rednecks from Virginia. The girls didn't understand why we were so embarrassed. "Remember, Mom when we took a bath out in the rain at our house in Virginia-why can't we play naked in the sprinkler?"-Mackenzie asked.  

Yes, this is the simple life! Just living without the boundaries we place around ourselves because we worry what other's will think. Of course, we didn't want our children naked in the front yard but the lesson from this is that a child's perspective on life is so simple and innocent. Couldn't we all learn something from splashing in the sprinkler on a hot sunny Mississippi day?-maybe not naked!!